Monday, September 30, 2013

Childhood Skils

                                                                   photo source

Mum went to a show on Saturday night, and as one of the acts they had a montage of 60's songs including several from the Beatles.  Mum knew most of the words, but didn't embarrass herself by trying to sing along, her friends needed to keep their hearing.  A long long time ago, when she was only eleven, she was in the school orchestra.  She played a pianica, a keyboard/harmonica hybrid - nerdy we know.  Their musical teacher put together a musical based on Beatles songs, that showcased music, singing, dancing and some acting, an 80's kiwi version of school Glee club, that showed over three nights.

The mumsters mum and dad went on the first night, and the mumster was mortified on the second night, when the teacher read out a letter that said it was a great show and the best $5 spent on entertainment , that had been written by Gdad, the mumsters dad.

Anyway, mum is amazed that age eleven she could read music and play so well, as well as remembering at least ten tunes so well, as well as remembering all of the words to the songs, she certainly didn't retain those skills and is definitely unmusical now.  She thinks now, how nervous the teacher must have been that those kids could pull it off on the night, and that he must have been touched to receive some fan mail.

When the mumster went onto her high school, her parents paid for her to continue on with piano and violin lessons.  Although the school had an orchestra club, they never had any meetings or put on any shows - there only use was that mum was able to put it on her CV (much like the Amnesty International group and Drama club she joined).  It must have been excruciating for her parents to listen to and she only carried on with lessons for a year.   She doesn't regret giving up, but has admiration for those that have musical talent.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Slow Sunday

Today it was a bit gloomy here at chez Q.  Even though daylight savings started, we had a cool and cloudy day.  Mum slept in and read her book, which she did enjoy after a busy old week.  I ran out and hid in the garden for a while as the neighbours had noisy gardeners in.  Mum hid inside and between reading, and watching shows she had a long brunch with smoked salmon on a bagel. Dinner was some roasted chicken pieces with rice and some broccoli.

Hope you all had a peaceful Sunday too and took it easy at your place.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chill Out Caturday

Hey hey Caturday friends.  We slept in, that is the mumster did.  I wanted biscuits at 6am, but she wasn't giving in, and she slept in til 08.30.  When she woke up I wouldn't talk to her till she had filled my bowl.

The mumster went off to the market.  She hadn't been in weeks as it had been raining the past few weekends.  She got cucumber, corriander, carrots, bananas, onions, potatoes, courgettes, bell peppers, fennel and lemons - oh and broccoli, how can she forget broccoli.  She got a Saturday paper and went to the library and got some really good books to read.  Such a good morning.

She came home and did some chores, washed some clothes, dried other clothes, folded towels, washed dishes, made the bed and did some gardening.  She also sat down and watched some tele and I napped on the floor next to her.

Then she went out to eat some Pork belly salad, the same one she had last week.  It just happened that her friends chose the same place for dinner this week.  Then it was the Wearable Arts Show held here in Wellington, that she was lucky enough to go to.  It was a grand spectacle and a lovely night out.  So now it is 11.30pm on Caturday, and mum and I are watching a bit of television before mum heads to bed to read and I head in to snuggle.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy!!

Friday, September 27, 2013


TGIF is how we are feeling tonight.  After some lovely sunshine this morning, the wind and rain has returned.  We are certainly getting plenty of spring showers this year.  Still at least it is not cold and mum and I are back to snuggling up together on the bed at night.  Friday night involves, fancy feast, satay beef burgers, vanilla milkshakes, washing, drying, xfactor, and finally tucking up into bed so mum can finish reading her book while the wind blows the trees around outside.

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday too.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Well Played

                                                                     picture source

Today was the final race of the Americas cup racing in San Francisco.  After being beaten for the past few days, we knew it would take a miracle for the Kiwis to win, and the whole country had fingers, toes and paws closed.  Team Oracle outsailed us and they won the cup - good on them.  It was a great event, and we wish that more people had got to watch it.  We were lucky as it played out live here each morning at 8am, so we would rush to work early so we could watch it before work, or if we were lucky and it was quiet we could snatch a look between jobs.  It was a great show on the beautiful harbour and we will miss watching it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Le Sigh

Ohhhh it is getting hard to watch  the Americas Cup sailing, all of us Kiwis are tense and waiting for it to end now.  We were winning last week, these week we have lost five in a row.  Oh well, the boys are trying hard, and that is how sports go.

Mum forgot to tell you - she won $67 on last weeks lottery ticket which was good - we love a win.  She bought some nice steak for dinner, and got me some more feast.  Life is good.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Room

Mum can tell it is spring time, cos I have moved round my sleeping spots and moved into the spare room.  I like to sleep on mums craft table on these towels, squished in between the sewing machine and the pile of cards.  It gives me a good view out the window so I can spy on the birdies and the neighbours.  I do come out for breakfast and dinner time and the odd snuggle, but the rest of the time you can find me here.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Snuggle

                            Sunday night I decided to sit on mums knee and have a snuggle.
             Right at the time that she wanted to start cooking her dinner (baked salmon and potato and peas).
But she didn't mind, she enjoyed the moment (five minutes anyways).  Enjoy your Sunday snuggles.  All pictures taken from my mums knee.

Chez Q Caturday

Mum has to tell you that she took this photo last weekend when we had some sunshines.  Unfortunately, we have had lots of rain today so no outside time for me or mum.

 She did get up early to watch the boat races, how disappointing it was.  Never mind, there is always tomorrow!!  How good of mum to be up at 8am on all of her days off.

She did lots of tidying upp today and pottering around the house.  In the mid afternoon she went to meet up with her besties for a bit of a nibble and a drink.  One friend came back to watch up a movie on the DVD.  Except mum couldn't get the DVD player to work - silly mum.  Never mind, the girls got to catch up and have a bit of a chitchat.  I was even brave and came to say hello to the visitor and did not run away.

Hope you are all having a great Caturday.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fun

  • A day off work is good says mum, especially when she gets to sleep in and go to the hairdresser, beats a day at work.
  • Breakfast of salami on toast while watching the boat race at 8am in her pyjamas on the couch is also good, even though we lost one race and the second one got called off.  It is going to be exciting on Saturday morning.
  • Getting the living room tidied up and dishes done while listening to more Desert Island Discs.
  • While at the hairdressers, there was a big thunder and lightening storm and of course it was pouring as mum left the hairdresser.  She did however run into her bestie at the bus stop.
  • Mum and her bestie then went to the Belgian beer bar round the corner which was really full as lots of locals sheltered from the storm.  Luckily the girls only had to wait five minutes to get a table.
  • Mum ordered the Pork Belly salad, which mum thinks was the best salad she has ever had - delicious!!
  • Then because she had salad, she felt ok ordering the waffle with fresh fruit salad - also delicious!!  Mum's tummy is now very full.
  • Getting home to find that the nice neighbour had left a bag on her doorknob with some lemons inside.
  • Giving me my feast and chatting together for the rest of the evening.  Mum told me all about her lovely day.  I told her all about sleeping.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Breakfast

It is a big breakfast tomorrow on Friday morning for all us kiwis.  There is just one more race in the Americas Cup for us to win.  Today we won one, and the second race started but then got postponed due to the wind.  Luckily mum has the morning off, so instead of a sleep in she will jump up and shower at 7am, and get the breakfast ready for 8am to watch the sailing.

As an island nation we are surrounded by the sea, and most of us have grown up in a seaside town somewhere.  We all love to swim and most of us have some of experience in boats.  We also love it when the kiwi sports teams do well - our four million hearts swell with pride.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Still Sailing

Mum laughed when she took these photos of me, it looked like I was in a little boat trying to sail away.  It is of course, the bag that mum uses in the garden to collect leaves and weeds.  As soon as she drags it outside, I like to climb inside cos it smells so good.

It was a bit chilly in our city today, and mum regretted that she didn't take her jacket to work.  It looked sunny in the morning, but as soon as she slipped outside she could feel the cold. We just want real spring to arrive, so she can leave the coats and scarves behind.

Monday, September 16, 2013


The whole of New Zealand is watching the Americas Cup boat races being held in San Francisco Bay.  It is exciting to see the super fast boats zooming around, and exciting because New Zealand are winning.  We also hear that there is little or no coverage of the races in the United States,  just us four million kiwis getting up early in the morning and watching over breakfast.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Al Fresco Photobomber

Al Fresco dining has returned to Chez Q, along with the spring weather.  Todays lunchtime dining was Ministrone soup with toasted sesame bagels and a fine glass of tap water - ohh laa laa.  Of course, this was the signal for me to approach and check out the lunch, although I do not like the people food I still want to know what you are getting into.

Mum also laughed, for as soon as her bottom sat down, there was a little spring shower and so she had to go and eat inside!  Oh well, she might try again next weekend.

Mum did a whole load of gardening, and got lots of weeds and leaves removed from the garden. She has discovered Desert Island Discs from BBC, so Debbie Harry and Michael McIntyre kept her company in the garden.  It got a bit chilly, so she has headed inside to fold the laundry.  A roast chicken with herbs and lemons and roasty potatoes and carrots is in the oven for dinner.  I have had my feast (it is 5.40pm here in kiwiland), and I am tucked up on the blanket in the bedroom already.  We love a Sunday night at home, the candles are lit, dinner is cooking and mum is waiting for Call the Midwife on the tele - bliss.

Hope you all have a blissful Sunday too.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Ate Late At Eight Again!!

I ate late at eight again tonight.  I let the mumster have a lie in til 6am, when I reminded her that my biscuit bowl needed filling up.  Then I went outside for a break, while she slowly woke up and did some chores.
No marketing this morning, which mum feels guilty about, as it was a lovely day.  However, she has a pile of fruit and veg to use, and wants to use it up before she wastes any.

She wandered off at midday, and left me alone.  She went off to meet a friend at the local shopping mall.  She only goes there once every two years or so, so it was an enjoyable two hours of mostly window shopping.  She did find two cheap books she liked the look of, and when she got to the counter, instead of being $10 each, she got two for the price of one.  She also managed to get herself two pairs of sunglasses for $25, as she lost her favorite pair last year.  She felt pleased with her bargin buys.  She then went and saw What Maisie Knew at the movies, which was 1 4/5.  Then the girls went and had Vietnamese food.  Mum has been entertaining herself, while she came and went to meet with the friends by listening to Desert Island Discs Podcasts on her ipod.  Thank you Martin Sheen, George Clooney and Billy Connelly for keeping mum company.

Now I am sitting on her knee while she types, while we wait for the sheets to dry and get ready to head to bed.  Hope you are all enjoying your Caturday!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally Friday

It's Friday night finally, and mum sure is pleased to be home.  Work was busy, so she finished late and got the groceries.  Now after dishing out my feast, the washing machine is going, and mum sure glad that she has two days to enjoy it with me and doesn't have to work yeeha.

Mum has plans to get some chores done, and catch up with some friends over the weekend.  A bit more weeding will be good, and before you know it, it will be time for another week to start.  So, we are off to enjoy ourselves!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wild Weather

We have had some wild old weather here in kiwiland.  Winds in the windy city that they haven't seen since the 70s, and mum is old enough to remember those storms too.  So mum let me have her tshirt to nap on on the bed, and it has kept me comfy cosy.  We got a sleep in this morning, but I had to send her off to work the afternoon shift.  Now she is back with me, and we are off to snuggle up again in the big bed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Boy it is wiiiiinnnnnddyy tonight outside, all the leaves are blowing about.  Mum and I are tucked up inside thought, and mum and I are going to have an early night curling up.  She has a book to read, and I have snoozing to do.

Our evening was ok.  Nachos and raspberry jelly with the first strawberries of the season - mmmm says mum.  I had the feast which was good.  A chit chat on the phone to the family, who are all well thank you very much, now a quick bit of bad tv.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Mum had her third night of call last night, and was lucky that she got a good 6 hours sleep.  She got up and had a shower and was then called in, so had to go with her hair wet and some clothes that she just grabbed to wear.  She then came home and dried off and got dressed as she had a funeral to attend.

One of her lovely work colleagues died suddenly a week ago, and so sadly this is the second time in a fortnight that mum and many of her friends have gathered together.  The memorial was lovely with lots of music and talks from her friends and family.

She was able to come home and relax with me before she heads out again this evening to catch up with friends.  I was hiding under the deck for a while, as the neighbours had builders replacing a wooden board on their house.  Tonight she thinks we will both be tired and appreciative of a long snooze.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just Relaxing

Mum wonders what's going on?  She has been on call two nights in a row, and the phone hasn't gone off at all.  That must be a record.  So I got to enjoy her today as well.  We did a bit of sleeping in, tidied the kitchen, did the dishes, mopped the floor and did a bit of eating and reading - well mostly mum, I just helped in the sleeping and eating department.

Hope you guys are all chilling out too.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


It is Caturday evening here at Chez Q already.  The mumster was on-call overnight, but she did get to stay snuggled under the covers with me all night.  It is never a good nights rest though, as she is half awake listening out for the call phone to ring.

After a little lie in she took it easy most of the day.  There was lots of washing and drying going on, and she did a spot of weeding with me, and mowed the lawn, the first time in months.  Corn fritters were made for her dinner, and I had  a can of the feast.  The sheets are finishing drying and we will play the make the bed game shortly.  So a spot of relaxing is going on.  Mum is watching Heath Ledger in A Knights' Tale, one she has seen lots before but still enjoys.

Hope you are all having a good Caturday too!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Late Night Dining

Mum was on the late shift tonight, so I didn't get my dinner til almost midnight.  That is ok though, as I had lots of biscuits in case I am going to faint with hunger.  Mum had a good day, a lie in til 8am, then a walk beside the seaside for some fresh air and vitamin Ds.  She came home and had eggs on toast for lunch and did the dishes before she headed off to work.  A busy shift and now on-call til 8am, so hopefully a bit of sleep overnight.

Hope you all had an exciting Friday night too.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Foot Hugger

Mum was chuffed last night that she got some photos of me napping on her foot.  Normally I do something cute, she looks, grabs the camera and I runs away.  Last night I was a good girl and stayed there while she managed to get three snaps.

Last night, mum was tired and managed to get to bed at 9.30pm and off to sleep just after 10pm.  Me and her were snoozing away on the bed, when the room was a shaking with another earthquake.  It only lasted 20 seconds, and I was brave and just sat with mum.  Another earthquake, but there weren't many afterwards, so we were ok.

So hopefully we get a better nights rest tonight - fingers crossed.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jungle Cat

Here I am out strolling in my jungle with the paparazzi on my trail.  I'm spying a few weeds over here mum, you better get weeding in this section next.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Helper Cat

If you needs help in the garden, I will come and help you.  I am good at sitting on the weeds. sniffing them, eating grass and fertilizing the garden.  If you want them dug up, well you better do it yourself.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Spring September Fathers Day

It is the first day of our spring here in Kiwiland and first day of September, and we spied the neighbours had daffodils blooming in their kitchen windowbox.  I gotted out and snoopervised mum in the garden, she picked out lots of weeds and leaves and filled our rubbish bin.    It is Fathers day, and we are thinking of the two dads in our family - Gdad and Big Uncle, we love you.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too!!