Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fun

  • A day off work is good says mum, especially when she gets to sleep in and go to the hairdresser, beats a day at work.
  • Breakfast of salami on toast while watching the boat race at 8am in her pyjamas on the couch is also good, even though we lost one race and the second one got called off.  It is going to be exciting on Saturday morning.
  • Getting the living room tidied up and dishes done while listening to more Desert Island Discs.
  • While at the hairdressers, there was a big thunder and lightening storm and of course it was pouring as mum left the hairdresser.  She did however run into her bestie at the bus stop.
  • Mum and her bestie then went to the Belgian beer bar round the corner which was really full as lots of locals sheltered from the storm.  Luckily the girls only had to wait five minutes to get a table.
  • Mum ordered the Pork Belly salad, which mum thinks was the best salad she has ever had - delicious!!
  • Then because she had salad, she felt ok ordering the waffle with fresh fruit salad - also delicious!!  Mum's tummy is now very full.
  • Getting home to find that the nice neighbour had left a bag on her doorknob with some lemons inside.
  • Giving me my feast and chatting together for the rest of the evening.  Mum told me all about her lovely day.  I told her all about sleeping.


  1. Oh..your mommy tortures my mom !
    Since my birthday ( September 3 ) , my mom went to see her dentist 4 times and keep going ! She only can eat veg. Soup and rice.Next week, she have to pull one more...she said in these day, she doesn't think anything much except...FOOD !!!!...tee..heh

    And thanks so much to come to my gotcha day
    Have a lovely day with your mom : )
    Me, I just hope my mom won't see me as a meatloaf...MOL

  2. oooooO! Salami on toast! Sounds good to me Poppy...!x
    It's my burfday tomorrow...I've a dinner party for eight on Sunday...!
    And, my cheese board and salamis are to die for....What a way to go...!!!

    Keeping my eye on the sailing....
    Once again..Good Luck.x

  3. Oh, that does sound fabulous! And I so need to get to the hairdresser!!!

    Hope you have another lovely day!

  4. It sounds like a good day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Sounds like your Mum had a really nice day...except for the thunderstorm that is.

  6. Mom got a lot done, and you got a lot of napping done - sounds like a purrfect day for all!

  7. Terrible storm last night but sounds like you made the most of it - the meal out sounds yummy
    Love Leanne

  8. It sounds like both you and your human had a nice day!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day to all of us!

  10. poppy Q...sounds like de best oh dayz for everee one at chez Q.....heerz ta manee manee more tho it wooda been nice if yur mum had bringed ewe home sum pork...ya noe :)

    hay, enjoy de week oh end; eat plentee oh ham samiches N friez....

  11. It does sound like a lovely day in spite of the rain.

    We're having overcast skies and are snoozin our way through the day.


  12. Poppy, it sounds like mum has a purrfect bean day, and you had a purrfect kitty day, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. We were bummed when the Kiwi's were so far ahead but didn't get to the finish line before the time ran out. Why put a time limit on this?

  14. Hope you had a great sleep!

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    Debby in Arizona