Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chez Q Caturday

Mum has to tell you that she took this photo last weekend when we had some sunshines.  Unfortunately, we have had lots of rain today so no outside time for me or mum.

 She did get up early to watch the boat races, how disappointing it was.  Never mind, there is always tomorrow!!  How good of mum to be up at 8am on all of her days off.

She did lots of tidying upp today and pottering around the house.  In the mid afternoon she went to meet up with her besties for a bit of a nibble and a drink.  One friend came back to watch up a movie on the DVD.  Except mum couldn't get the DVD player to work - silly mum.  Never mind, the girls got to catch up and have a bit of a chitchat.  I was even brave and came to say hello to the visitor and did not run away.

Hope you are all having a great Caturday.


  1. There just starting to show the sailing over here Poppy...!x
    As you say there's always tomorrow...! Only one more to win..!
    Don't start pulling yer fur out, will you...! HeHe!
    Have a fun weekend...!

  2. We had a big rainstorm go through here last night and it's all wet and icky Outside...and chilly! We've declared it official snuggle day. But if we have company I won't be as brave as you. I'll hide.

  3. Your mum's friend must be special if you comes to say hello. We kitties are darn good judges of character, MOL!

    Hope the race goes your way tomorrow.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. That must of been a very special friend for Poppy Q to say hello to.
    Very wet up here too.

  5. I don't like visitors but I will say hello to our nearest neighbours when they come in for a drink or two.
    It was supposed to be nice here from midday onwards but it has been dull and drizzly all day.

  6. That must have ben a special visitor, Poppy, since you came out for her.

  7. Didn't run away?! Just try keeping the G's off of visitors. Except Gracie. It takes her a few minutes before she becomes a pest. LOL!

    Hope your day is lovely. ladies!

  8. You are very brave to come out for visitors. Angel did that this week, too. We finally had a little rain and cooler temps.

  9. Yeah, we were bummed about the sailing today too. Mum was even home to watch it live.

    Here's to tomorrow being the winning day.