Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chill Out Caturday

Hey hey Caturday friends.  We slept in, that is the mumster did.  I wanted biscuits at 6am, but she wasn't giving in, and she slept in til 08.30.  When she woke up I wouldn't talk to her till she had filled my bowl.

The mumster went off to the market.  She hadn't been in weeks as it had been raining the past few weekends.  She got cucumber, corriander, carrots, bananas, onions, potatoes, courgettes, bell peppers, fennel and lemons - oh and broccoli, how can she forget broccoli.  She got a Saturday paper and went to the library and got some really good books to read.  Such a good morning.

She came home and did some chores, washed some clothes, dried other clothes, folded towels, washed dishes, made the bed and did some gardening.  She also sat down and watched some tele and I napped on the floor next to her.

Then she went out to eat some Pork belly salad, the same one she had last week.  It just happened that her friends chose the same place for dinner this week.  Then it was the Wearable Arts Show held here in Wellington, that she was lucky enough to go to.  It was a grand spectacle and a lovely night out.  So now it is 11.30pm on Caturday, and mum and I are watching a bit of television before mum heads to bed to read and I head in to snuggle.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy!!


  1. Mums been busy..Busy Poppy!
    And, your going on about food again...! HeHe! :).
    Nearly one o'clock over here..Think l'll have beans on toast for lunch.
    I've got visitors this afternoon...
    Tea a cake....Burfday cake. Still some left over!x
    You all have fun weekend now! :>).

  2. I am having a nice day... my human brought back something from our P.O. Box that was addressed to me!

  3. I bet your mum enjoyed her lie in Poppy. Sounds like she had a nice time with her friends.

  4. Mom and Dad just started weight Watchers. They should tale lessons about eating healthy from your Mom!

  5. Sounds like mum had a nice day. Sorry she made you wait for your biscuits...maybe tomorrow.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku