Monday, September 30, 2013

Childhood Skils

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Mum went to a show on Saturday night, and as one of the acts they had a montage of 60's songs including several from the Beatles.  Mum knew most of the words, but didn't embarrass herself by trying to sing along, her friends needed to keep their hearing.  A long long time ago, when she was only eleven, she was in the school orchestra.  She played a pianica, a keyboard/harmonica hybrid - nerdy we know.  Their musical teacher put together a musical based on Beatles songs, that showcased music, singing, dancing and some acting, an 80's kiwi version of school Glee club, that showed over three nights.

The mumsters mum and dad went on the first night, and the mumster was mortified on the second night, when the teacher read out a letter that said it was a great show and the best $5 spent on entertainment , that had been written by Gdad, the mumsters dad.

Anyway, mum is amazed that age eleven she could read music and play so well, as well as remembering at least ten tunes so well, as well as remembering all of the words to the songs, she certainly didn't retain those skills and is definitely unmusical now.  She thinks now, how nervous the teacher must have been that those kids could pull it off on the night, and that he must have been touched to receive some fan mail.

When the mumster went onto her high school, her parents paid for her to continue on with piano and violin lessons.  Although the school had an orchestra club, they never had any meetings or put on any shows - there only use was that mum was able to put it on her CV (much like the Amnesty International group and Drama club she joined).  It must have been excruciating for her parents to listen to and she only carried on with lessons for a year.   She doesn't regret giving up, but has admiration for those that have musical talent.


  1. SMILE. I have no music talent what so ever - and I'm very thankful we have a barn and land where the kids can beat out their tunes - not in my house - but they are good - it's just I prefer quite. Old fart aye. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.
    Love Leanne

  2. Trust us, mum doesn't have musical talent either. She had the typical piano lessons as a kid. But with short fingers never got good at it as the fingering and reaching didn't work out for her.

  3. My human has a good ear for music, but no real talent for it - which is why she is with her boyfriend. She wanted to be with a creative type, but she's really competitive so it couldn't be a writer or an artist. He's a musician.

  4. Our Mom was in the band from 6th through 12th grades. She has lost all of that knowledge, too. She never has good rhythm!

  5. Well, l spent 12yrs in the entertainment business Poppy....!x
    Love my music, and still do!
    Something you can look back on and have a chuckle! Great Fun!x

  6. Many in my family play instruments. Not me. Can't play a thing or sing, although I do have a great appreciation for music. My nephew Mike is actually a music teacher for kindergarten through 5th grades and he loves his job. Of course, he rarely gets to play his piano or guitars now with 2 small children but he's enjoying teaching both of them music appreciation right now. So adorable to see them plunking on the piano! Not so much fun for your ears though! ;)

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  7. My mum was never musical but she does remember the words from most of the songs of the 60s and 70s and can recognise them from the first beat or two. She played the glockenspiel in school for a while but that is as far as music went for her. She can't sing a note in tune and used to mime in school music lessons. She says the teacher was an old dragon and said no-one was to mime and would come round and listen to make sure they were singing. When she got to my mum she thought she had better sing or might get a detention. The teacher listened and told her she better keep miming!!!

  8. food serviss gal couldna carry a toon if her had a baskit ta put em in....N her all ways wanted ta play de drumz but her wuz told at de time onlee boyz play drumz....


    :) enjoy yur day, glad yur mom hada chance ta play sum mewsic !!~~~

  9. No music talent here either but like Flynn's mum my mum can recognise the 60's music straight away and knows the words too. We love the Beatles here too. Hugs GJ x