Thursday, September 5, 2013

Foot Hugger

Mum was chuffed last night that she got some photos of me napping on her foot.  Normally I do something cute, she looks, grabs the camera and I runs away.  Last night I was a good girl and stayed there while she managed to get three snaps.

Last night, mum was tired and managed to get to bed at 9.30pm and off to sleep just after 10pm.  Me and her were snoozing away on the bed, when the room was a shaking with another earthquake.  It only lasted 20 seconds, and I was brave and just sat with mum.  Another earthquake, but there weren't many afterwards, so we were ok.

So hopefully we get a better nights rest tonight - fingers crossed.


  1. Mum takes lots of photos Poppy, because you look sooooo lovely! :)x

    And, goodness not more earthquakes!
    If it was me...I'd be hiding under the bed...! HeHe!

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  3. I love the word 'chuffed'. I will try to use it in a sentence today... if my day cooperates, of course. ;)

    Bugger to more earthquakes. bugger bugger bugger.

    Hope you both have a fabulous day, ladies!

  4. Fingers and paws crossed here, Poppy, that you don't have any more earthquakes!

  5. I keep thinking 'chuffed' means 'put out' or 'annoyed'. But I assume it's the opposite. Interesting thing, slang.

    Why so many earthquakes down there? You don't usually have this many, do you? Let's hope if they continue, they are all tiny ones that do no one any damage. Earthquakes do not make anyone chuffed.

  6. Oh no, not another earthquake! I am glad it was not serious.

  7. I run from the camera too! It makes Mum crazy. But gee, an earthquake?? You must be really brave, Miss Poppy.

  8. poppy Q...we hope ewe doez knot haz any mor earth quakes either....its gettin kinda crazed huh....we never new NZ had that manee...hope all is well with familee & friendz !!!~~~~

  9. Glad it wasn't a big quake and you were able to stay calm.
    You look so sweet, Poppy dear. Kisses and hugs to you from us.

  10. What a relaxing photo - thanks for being a good girl and staying put!

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    Debby in Arizona