Sunday, April 30, 2017

Door Knocker

On Friday night mum stayed up til after midnight watching some shows and then went to bed to read her book.  At 1.30am there was a knock on her door.   Mum didn't get up, and 5 minutes later there was another knock but mum stayed in bed.

Living by herself mum is a bit weary of who it could be.  Only her niece and a couple of friends knew where she lives, and they would always ring first.  Mum was also sick and didn't want anyone seeing her in her dressing gown looking like Beetlejuice.   There are quite a few flats/houses round where we live and imagine that someone had the wrong address.

I ran out to have a look, but couldn't tell mum what I saw.

What would you do?  Answer the door or stay in bed?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Caturday Claim

I have claimed the mumster side of the bed while she has deserted her post.  Luckily she has picked up all of her tissues.  Her nose is finally stopping dripping, but there is still a lot of sneezing and coughing happening.  Poor old mum - she gets a bit tired of the germs she picks up from work.

So a nice and quiet day with lots of naps.   Just what we needed.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Time Sharing

We are  still time sharing the bed.  Mum is too restless when she is in bed, so I try and catch my snoozes when she is up.  She hasn't moved far, either to the couch or bathroom.

Mum had to call in sick again.   She was meant to work the weekend but knew today that she would not be well enough.   She would hate to give these germs to anyone else so is better quarantined at home.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nurse Pops

Mum needed the day in bed again, these germs have taken over.   She spent most of the night tossing and turning so much that I sat put in the living room looking out into the garden all night.   That means I am exhausted during the day.

Poor mum though, she has slept away most of the day but is pretty stuffed up.  Thankfully the sore throat has eased but she is blocked up everywhere with a dribble nose and horrible headaches.

Thanks for all the well wishes.   She us drinking lots of water and eating chicken soup and taking it easy.  She is super glad to have me here to help.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anzac Day 2017

Today was Anzac day here in NZ and Australia.   Mum would have liked to get up for the Dawn Parade or to have gone for a walk in the afternoon sun.  However she has woken up to a sore throat, stuffy nose and headache.  So she got up and showered and had a light lunch.  She then joined me on the bed for an afternoon nap.

Mum is tired of catching cold and flu shot, but this is what happens when you work with sick people.   Mum has been having an orange a day for weeks too!!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Mum and I had a good day today.  I got to state out the window.   She got to stay inside all day at work with no windows.  I got a feast for my dinner and she got to eat that tasty stuff.  She roasted some sweet potatoes and potato, broccoli, steak and some sauerkraut .  She us trying to eat more fruit and vegetables and by making a big plateful she has enough for tomorrow nights dinner.

So mum has a stack of dishes to do tonight and then relaxing time.  Tomorrow is a day off - yippee!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easy Sunday

Mum and I took it super easy today.  We slept in, mum finished her book, made some lunch, watched some shows, started another book, dished up my feast, talked to a friend, cooked some dinner and took it easy.  No going out - no spending any money.  Purrfect!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunbeam Caturday

My gosh what a lovely Caturday we had today.  It was a pleasure for mum to wake up at 8am and see the sun was shining and it was warm.  Washing was done and out on the line.  The Dyson was pulled out and set to work, the bedding was stripped and out in the sun to air.

Mum popped into town to take a parcel to the post office, books picked up from the library and bread bought at the supermarket.   A quick trip home and then she rushed out to mow the lawns and then got herself dressed.  She walked into town to meet a bestie for dinner.   They are trying to go to new places to eat as they usually visit the same old places.

Me well I was glad that mum was home by 7.30pm to give me my feast.  She then watched Ron Howard's Beatles Documentry Eight Days A Week which she loved.  Now she is watching the Antiques Roadshow before she will come and help me make the bed.

A perfect day - we hope yours is a good one too.

Friday, April 21, 2017


The temperatures have been dropping here with a couple of frosty autumn nights.  Mum had to go out and buy a small heater during the week to warm up our bedroom.   She let me snuggle up under the quilt too.  Our new house is little and gets a bit chilly but we find our heaters warm it up quick enough.

We have sunny days forecast for the weekend, so mum plans to get up early and get the washing out on the line early.  Ahhhh life is exciting for us isn't it?  Mum wants her chores done early so that she can have some fun in the afternoon.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flying Vist

Mums day went like this:
Up at 5am.
Work 7am - midday.
1.30pm flight.
2.30pm arrival.
Cemetery visit.
Snack and drink at bar.
3.30pm appointment.
Family visit.
4.30pm back to airport.
5.30pm flight.
6.20pm taxi home.
6.45 feed me my feast.  Toast and soup for her.
7.15pm collapse on couch.

Glad I am a cat.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2 Dinners

My dinner + mums dinner.  I had a feast and she is having some roasted kumara  (sweet potato), salad and some steak.  There is enough for tomorrow nights dinner as well which is good for mum.

What is for dinner tonight at your house?

Monday, April 17, 2017


Today has gone past in a bit of a blur.  Mum did some of the jobs she had to do round the house and we enjoyed a little sleep in.  The day was cool as autumn often is, so mum packed the sandals away finally and pulled her boots out.  A feast was mine for dinner and leftovers for her which made life easy and we like easy.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Happy Easter ever buddy we hope that you have a fabulous day.  Mum and I got a sleep in, and then went out to visit with some friends.   It was lovely to be by the sea and the morning was lovely.  

It was nice to share food with family, but while they were eating the cold and clouds rolled in.  Never mind it us that time of year for us with it feeling more like autumn each day.

Home to put the heaters on and mum got my feast ready.  She made herself some Thai chicken curry and then settled in on the couch to watch Titanic.  Life is good.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

After the Storm Caturday

After some super solid rain last night, Caturday was looking a lot better.  Us girls slept in and then mum realized she had better get some jobs done before heading out.

She tells went out and met a bestie for lunch and a movie. They went to a 1.39pm session so we're all done before 4pm giving mum time to wander the supermarket before heading home.

I was pretty keen on getting my feast as soon as she walked through the door.  Mum reheated leftover sausages and mash.  Tasty.

We hope you all have had a lovely Caturday too!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

 Good Friday:
- Crazy eyes from mum letting play with a shopping bag.
- Sleeping in with no alarm clock getting up.
- Mum was pleased to get some jobs done , washing, dishes, tidying up.
- We got no real effects from the storm it passed over us without a lot of rain at our place last night.
Bad Friday:
- The rain arrived tonight with mums towels on the line.
- While out putting the washing out mum managed to get a big bit of cat pooh stuck on her slipper and managed to try it into the house and flicked it on the couch.  Who could have left that outside?

Oh well - what can you do?  We hope you all had a lovely day.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Break

Yippee Easter break is here.  Mum didn't get much sleep last night, she tossed and turned and only got a couple of hours of snoozing before getting up at 5.30am to head to work.

When she finished she had a couple of jobs to do before going to the supermarket.   A bit of a storm is heading our way and with supermarkets closed for Good Friday, people seemed to be shopping for the Armageddon.   Mum got our supplies and got everything home before the weather got worse.

We have all been advised to stay home until the storm has passed which is fine with us.  Mum has a stack of books and I have lots of snoozing to do.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Neighbour Number 3

Mum was walking home and saw this little tabby kitty.  She has seen this wee cat most mornings on her way to work.  Mum says that there has been a bit of hissing and chasing between me and the neighbor cats, but no fighting that she knows of.   I am a lover not a fighter.

Mum rushed home after work to mow the lawn which was a bit tricky as the grass is long and the ground was still damp from last week's soaking.   More heavy rain is predicted so mum has her raincoat at the ready.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Just Chilling

Mum is pleased that I am getting more comfortable with being outside at our new house.  We have been blessed with four or five sunny days in a row.  More rains are heading our way though so we are making the most of it.

It us a short week here sue the Easter break.  We get Friday and next Monday off, which is lovely.   As mum has got holder she  o longer feels the need to rush off anywhere and is content to have a staycation.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spoilt Sunday

Mum aired out the bed today while she was out, with sheets on the line.  She also aired out the suitcase.   As the evening cools she has put the electric blanket on the bed on.  Maybe she should market electric warmed suitcases - kitties they are awesome!! Tell your people to get you one!!

Also - ours smells real nice, of some Jo Malone perfume samples that mum got from the fancy store. Ohh Laa Laa.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Neighbour Caturday

Mum spied this new neighbour tonight as she brought the washing in.  She hopes his/her people do not think mum is spying on them by taking so many photos through the fence.  We haven't seen this cute kitty in our garden yet so are not sure if they actually live next door or were visiting.

Did you all get some sunshine at your place?  Our morning was cool but the afternoon was warm and sunny.  Mum got up early and managed to get a few things done.  A post office and library visit and then a wander round to get lots of steps done.  There is more rainy weather heading our way this week, so mum tries to make the most of the nice days.

Austin Powers is on the television tonight - it has been a lot of years since mum has seen it and she has just caught bits of it while she makes dinner and potters around.  Cheesy stuff but simple fun.  After watching the news tonight she was in need of a few laughs.

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday and doing something to make you smile.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Footprint Friday

Haha mum laughed when she saw me sitting on the grey quilt.  Why who could have left those little footprints?

The sun did indeed shine today.  Mum did not have the heart to tell the bus driver that she wanted to walk beside the sea and get some more daily steps in.  You see she was the last lady on the bus and as he was returning to the depot, so he offered to drop mum off at the door of the shopping centre she was heading to.  Wasn't that nice? She walked back to get her steps in and will head off for a walk tomorrow too.

Shopping was successful she got a couple of warm winter jumpers to wear as the weather cools down.  She also got a couple of loads of washing done, hovered the floors, wiped the windowsills, did the dishes, got more groceries and did a bit of a tidy.  She fed me my feast and reheated her leftovers for her dinner.   She feels like she is brewing a head cold so time for some fruit on the couch, a few shows and then time for bed.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hoping for Sunbeams

We have had a solid couple of days of rain so have been busy watching the weather report which says the sun might be back for a couple of days.   Mum will be pleased, as she has a big pile of washing to get done.

Mum did go the supermarket on the way home so all the groceries got soaked.   They had to get dried before they were put away but she has some good stuff for her dinners now.   She has been trying to be be a bit better at meal planning ahead.  She goes through stages where she gets bored with the same old meals and is trying to get a bit more variety into her evening meals.

Me - well I am happy to have a feast.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


With all the rain it is best for me to stay inside and rest.  We do live pretty far up a hill in a hilly city, so our place is unlikely to flood.   For mum she just gets a bit soaked going to and from work but this year she bought a new longer raincoat.   On bad days she can walk half way then take a bus which is good too.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Daylight savings finished yesterday which is always a start for our wintery season.  We are due a huge deluge of water, as Australias big storm comes across the Tasman sea to dump lots of water on us.

So I have been testing out mums knee to see if it is warm to snuggle on.  It is , but only for 5 minutes at a time.  Mum was a good girl and went and did a couple of jobs across town after work, while the weather was OK.   That  way for the next couple of days she has only to leave to go to and from work.

Raincoat, boots and umbrella are out and ready for mum.  Me - well I plan on staying warm and cozy inside.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Supermodeling is real hard.  Mum says you have to stay real still and look at the camera which I do not like to do.  She still loves me no matter how I look.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Calm Caturday

Mum decided after our hectic couple of days to just relax today and stay at home today with me.  This was our beautiful sunset tonight.

She is making baked stuffed potatoes and some roast lamb for her dinner tonight with enough for leftovers  for tomorrow night and the beginning of the week.

We slept in which was lovely and mum pottered around doing her chores.  Me - well I caught up on my napping.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday and did something fun.