Friday, April 28, 2017

Time Sharing

We are  still time sharing the bed.  Mum is too restless when she is in bed, so I try and catch my snoozes when she is up.  She hasn't moved far, either to the couch or bathroom.

Mum had to call in sick again.   She was meant to work the weekend but knew today that she would not be well enough.   She would hate to give these germs to anyone else so is better quarantined at home.


  1. Mum's got the right idea Poppy!x
    Best wait until she's fully fit...!
    In the can keep the
    bed warm for her...! :).

  2. Literally 'what a pain '. Once you feel a little better you can read to your hearts delight. There was a page came up on face book. 200 books you must read. Wished I could send it to you for reference. I have read many or watched many as films but it is a good list to put in your favourites for ref.
    If you are super bored you could teach poppy to talk. I had a darling very big boy cat called Sid.
    I always opened the door to let him come in. I would always say 'hello'. I have a light voice. One day when he came in the deepest loud man's voice said 'hello'. I nearly jumped out of my skin.. I never said it again and neither did he. Yikes! I got such creeps.

    1. Take a look at this.....

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum is a good friend to co-workers and patients, keeping those nasty germs to herself. Alas, my employer insists we shows up unless one has a note from a mortician...

  4. This illness is lasting a while, eh, Poppy? I hope your mum doesn't feel too bad over the weekend. Keep her resting - but eating, too. She needs both rest and strength.

  5. We are sending our purrs that your mum bean is feeling better soon. You need your rest Poppy. :)

  6. I hope your human feels better soon! If it is the same bug my human had a couple of months ago, it is pretty awful, and it tends to linger.

  7. Very run down from working so hard, your mum is. When she's not at work she's still out and about. She needs some relaxation , jtime ust to vegitate
    so she can rebuild herself. In jobs like our mums, especially where there is call involved, there is physical burn-out, not just psychological in some other jobs.

  8. Poppy, you are taking good care of your Mum!