Sunday, April 30, 2017

Door Knocker

On Friday night mum stayed up til after midnight watching some shows and then went to bed to read her book.  At 1.30am there was a knock on her door.   Mum didn't get up, and 5 minutes later there was another knock but mum stayed in bed.

Living by herself mum is a bit weary of who it could be.  Only her niece and a couple of friends knew where she lives, and they would always ring first.  Mum was also sick and didn't want anyone seeing her in her dressing gown looking like Beetlejuice.   There are quite a few flats/houses round where we live and imagine that someone had the wrong address.

I ran out to have a look, but couldn't tell mum what I saw.

What would you do?  Answer the door or stay in bed?


  1. Stay in bed! Stay in bed! AND! Hide under
    the duvet..! :). HeHe!
    No! Mum did the right thing Poppy!x That's
    a good strong looking door, Mum has though,
    perhaps she ought to get one of those 'spy'
    holes fitted..! I've got one on the front
    door, though l can see out the front room
    window, at least l get a closer look! At
    the moment there's a few knocking the door,
    there all to do with politics, as we've an
    election coming up...I don't answer the door
    to any of them! There a pain in the what's it! :).

  2. At 1:30 AM, we would stay in bed and so would mum!
    There are not many houses close to us and we have a lot of woods.
    We would probably be scared. Mum too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. I would have stayed put too. My door does have a peephole in it, so I can check, but at that hour of the morning, I wouldn't answer a knock unless I heard accompany pleas for help. (Even then, I'd be calling 911, which is Canada's emergency line to police, fire, ambulance, etc.) Perhaps it was someone drunk, knocking on the wrong door?

  4. STAY IN BED ! If someone calls out for help ring 111. NEVER go near the door but do get a chain. That was very frightening for you. Love to both Xxx

  5. Poppy, dear, I wouldn't stay in bed. I would flip on the big light (so neighbors could help inspect the "knocker"), pull out the gun, and call 911 to summon assistance for whatever emergency prompted a stranger to knock on the door at 01:30. Another safety tip for those driving in the States: if you encounter a body laying along the roadside, or what appears to be a one-car crash, Stay in the Car! and call 911. Armed home invasions and car hijackings happen even in so-called "safe" areas now.

    1. Agree, agree, agree! Years, I do mean many years ago, my mother was driving home at night and there was a "body" in the road. She could tell it was a dummy and got really pissed. So, she stopped the car, got out, opened the trunk, tossed the dummy in, and drove away. Later she told us that she could see the boys chasing after her. Don't mess with a middle aged woman with your stupid Halloween tricks.

  6. Scary! We'd stay in bed, too. Or try to peek through the curtains to see who the heck would be knocking on our door at that time.

  7. The humans here have installed security cams, so we know exactly who is at our front door! But no matter who, we would not have answered at 1:30 AM.

  8. Stay in bed. Your mum was wise. Chances are it was someone knocking on the wrong door - someone coming by to another address for a late party but got the wrong door - maybe after a few beers too many.

  9. Definitely stay in bed at that time of night!

  10. At that time of night our mom bean would stay in bed. We kitties would probably stay right there with her.

  11. Living alone I wouldn't have answered either. However I would have called 911 (US police & fire) to see if there was an emergency in the neighborhood and to alert them of the knocker. Heart stopping stuff, knocks at 1:30 a.m!

  12. One I wouldn't of answered either. But maybe mum could had a peep hole installed so she can see out. Or maybe a security camera. They now can hook up to smartphones and you stay in bed and can still see who is at your door

  13. Stay in bed with cell phone in hand. If the knocking had a less than social sound it it dial your emergency number. Better safe than sorry and the police will tell you the same. No one knocking at your door at that hour means well.
    I used to live in an area where most ol the houses looked pretty similar. My neighbor had someone knock on their door about 0215 am. They called the police. Found out this had happened to other houses in our area too. We later found out it was an elderly , alcoholic gent , confused as to which house was his and knocking on the door for his wife to let him in.

  14. You did the right thing! Since you haven't been living there long, maybe it was someone thinking the person who used to live there, still lived there. I live on a little town outside of Washington DC and we have our own police force. They have a non emergency number for things like this...

  15. I probably would have ignored it, too, Poppy, but through not wanting to be bothered more than anything else. Does your mum have a peep-hole in the door?

  16. Oh, and add a good, strong bolt, a thick metal bar that you can just drop into place.