Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Meals

 Yesterday mum got herself out for a walk for 2hours to get some groceries.   She got home just before the bad cold weather arrived.   So last night the heater was on and there was a lot of snuggling on the bed, she woke up overnight to find me planted beside her to keep her warm.

She headed back to work today, but she was tired after work and will be having an early night.  She made a good warm meal with enough for leftovers for tomorrow nights dinner.  Some nice pork sausages with green beans and a carrot/parsnip/swede mash.  20 minutes of cooking.
She has got all the meals organised for the rest of the week - roast chicken/sweet potatoes/green beans/ carrots, meatballs +rice/salad , bacon + mozzarella quiche with salad.  For lunch mum will make pastrami and salad sandwiches and an orange for the first half of the week and switch to chicken when the pastrami runs out.

Me - I am simple.  One feast a day and some biscuits to graze on.

Oh and thank you all for reassuring mum that she did the correct thing at the weekend by staying in bed at 1.30am.  She didn't bring out her gun - she would never own one of them.  She didn't feel the need to call the police, she didn't feel threatened.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x HeHe! Tell Mum..It's bad enough,
    her talking about her lovely food..but! Please!
    Please! No photos..It looks lovely, it's a good
    job, l've just had coffee and two dough~nuts,
    otherwise l'd be raiding the fridge! :).
    Glad Mums feeling o.k. to go out now!

    And, she did the right thing at the weekend...
    Guns! Guns! My goodness no...Leave that to the
    Americans...They know no better..! :).

  2. Dear pops and bean. You have enough food there to feed an army. So pleased you are feeling well. But 2 hours walk? Don't overdo yourself. Could poppy have a little rucksack and bring her own supplies home. Like a street cat named bob. Still waiting for the dvd to come out. My male bean has just brought me in hot chocolate to drink so must go.Xxx

  3. Yummy supper! Your mum makes great meals. Our human would just about rather stick pins in her eyes than cook or do food prep, so she drools every time your mum has been cooking. :-)

  4. The food looks delicious! Beautiful cat. :)

  5. I wouldn't care for the topping on the sausages, but otherwise, I'd be pulling up a chair.

  6. Your mum makes such tempting meals. Our mum is a bad cook and doesn't like to do it either. But she sure likes to eat.

  7. Your mum is so organized and a good cook. I am so lazy I am eating salad most nights. Our heater is on too this evening. Keep warm Poppy.

  8. We are co glad your Mom is feeling better!

  9. Willie told me all about your lovely blog, and I wanted to say hello and let you know you got a mention on my blog this week.