Tuesday, May 9, 2017


When mum is home I like to wander round the house with her.  I then return to my usual sleepy spots.  I guess though that she does the same.   She will have a wander and then return to the couch or the bed.  I guess we are all creatures of habit and comfort.


  1. Nothing like a good wander Poppy!x
    Especially round the house! That's
    how you find out if anything needs
    doing, or cleaning..!
    Then it's nice to sit down, feet up,
    or back to bed! zzzzzzzzzzZ! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, I also favor the wander, spot a little job and do it, then back to couch/bed strategy for a day at home. My feline housemates join me in the patrol, just in case a snack pops up.

  3. Ha! Great 'tock shot, Poppy. We love the tail-up happy walk!

  4. You obviously are quite content in your habits, Poppy.

  5. Yes we are, comfort for us all.