Thursday, May 25, 2017


Mum had a busy one last night with 3 call in and she was there at 7am as the day staff arrived.  She always comes home thinking she is wide awake and ready to get busy.  Still after an hour and with breakfast on board, her bed was calling.  So mum and I took a morning nap and slept together.

After a shower and an easy lunch mum was ready for another nap, but resisted otherwise she knows she wouldn't sleep tonight.

Thanks for asking about yesterday's post.  That cheeky neighbor cat keeps trying to come in, but me or mum try to chase him off.


  1. Ah! Perhaps pussy~cat next door just wants to say
    'Hello' Poppy!x Mind pussy~cats are nosey! :).

    Hottest day for us yesterday, even hotter to~day,
    l've plenty of cold drinks in the, l won't
    be doing to much to~day! :).

  2. Dear Poppy's mum, 3 times in one night. What a horror. Poppy give mum lots of hugs and snuggles tonight. Dear poppy could you bear to have your flap locked until that cat gives up trying. Just think what it might bring in the house as a hose warming gift..

  3. Poppy, dear, have you asked the cat if he/she used to live in your house? Perhaps "Patches" is wondering if you've kept the kibble bowl?

  4. Beth Waltz may be on to something. Maybe the kitty did live in your house and was left behind, poor soul.
    Three call-ins! That wretched! Mum needs a good rest to shake off the sleep deprivation hangover.

  5. Maybe your mum could ask around the neighbourhood after the strange cat. He may need a friend or two.

  6. Your poor mum. Called in three times must be so draining and we would not blame her for sleeping all day. We have a bag similar to the one you have Poppy.

  7. Mum slept bad a few nights ago and then took a nap. She still slept really good for 8 hours the next night.

  8. We hope you and Mum get a good nights sleep!