Monday, May 15, 2017


Some of the things mum does to prep for the week are:
- a few photos sessions are done on her days off.   As the winter weather gets colder and darker it gets harder to get nice photos during the week.
- Mum is getting better at only going to the supermarket and couple of times a week rather than going most days.
- She has been trying to cook a couple of time a week, making enough for a few meals.  Sunday nights dinner had enough for Monday lunch and dinner.

She didn't get much sleep last night so tonight will be an early bird bed time.  How is your Monday going?


  1. That is a really beautiful photo of you Poppy. I like that you mind mums things so well. Glad mum is trying to make life a bit easier for herself, she works so hard. We had a cool sunny day here so Millie found sun puddles to lie in inside. She had ham for lunch and tender cooked pieces of chicken for tea. She left 2 pieces so she is not greedy. She blows a furry X to you. Sleep well both of you.

  2. I'm glad I have my human back today! She was at a cat show most of the weekend - without me!

  3. I think Mum's Prep things are a good idea...!
    As things keep going up and up over here, one
    has to take care with money and things!
    I've had a lot of practice with shopping etc..
    I was a single parent for 14, l kept
    my eye on things!
    Shopping, usually every Sunday, is not a chore
    anymore, if l buy cereal at £1~29 one Sunday,
    the following Sunday it's £1~99..I don't buy

    Rainy day over here Poppy!x So, l got the
    J.Edgar out, and played with that, carpets are
    nice and clean now! :).

  4. Poppy, dear, it's a lovely, sunny day here in central Indiana. Monday is laundry day, so my feline housemates are busy helping me "sort" the piles of clothes by color and type. The great white floofer is especially good at holding down the dark slacks and shirts.

  5. I too find winters tough for taking pictures for the blog, Poppy, as I leave home when it is dark and return when it is dark. I try to take photographs on the weekend. And it's a good thing to visit the food shops only now and then; I think it cuts down on the spending - and gives you more time for other things.

  6. Our Monday was fine. The weather was good with a few late day thunder boomers. Mum has been watching too much moving picture box. House of Cards and Downton Abbey.

  7. We had a cool sunny room for us and the mom bean turned off the heat blowing masheen. She turned it on right quick when she got home from work!

    Have a great week Poppy and mum.