Friday, May 19, 2017

City Lights

Where we live now is closer to the city so mum zipped in after work to do a quick job.  The evening came quickly and mum realized that it had been some time since she had been in the city after dark and she enjoyed just looking at the office lights and all the people scurrying round wrapped up warm and ready to head home or to local bars and restaurants.

No fancy night out for the mumster, she had to get home for leftovers and to dish out my feast.  Curtains are pulled and the heaters are on as some chilly weather is going to be blowing our way.


  1. I've just got back from town Poppy!x
    And, just finished cutting the grass
    out the back...suns out, and l've
    washing out on the line!
    So..time for a sit down, out on the
    patio, cup of lemon tea, and a few
    biscuits! Ready for the next job..!

  2. City lights can be pretty, though they block a good view of all the stars. Enjoy your weekend, stay cosy. :-)

  3. Are you liking your new home more? Seems to offer some interesting things to do.

  4. Twilight is a favourite time of my day, whether in the morning or the evening. A big city's lights at night can be exciting, can't they?

  5. Mum prefers the bright lights of the summer sunshine.

  6. All We three can say that it is very cold here in the sunny Mangamahu valley and We heard that there was snow on the hills above Wellington. Love three bestest maremmas in all the land.

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