Saturday, May 27, 2017

Grey Caturday

It was a grey autumnal day here in our city today.  Mum was thrilled that heavy rain woke her up at early o'clock, and that I jumped all over her and talked to her from 5am-6am.

She managed to have a wee sleep in and finish a few chores.  Then it was off for a bestie catch up.  They wandered around and ate and then drank then it got dark which is a sign to head home!!!

Me - well I kept the house all cozy and waited for feast time!!!

We hope you all had a fun Caturday too.


  1. Oh yes poppy. I'm sure your mum just loved that conversation at the time of the morning lol

  2. I woke up in the early hours, l could see
    flashes in the sky outside, no thunder, when
    l listened to the news this morning, there was
    heavy rain all over the UK, heavier in the north.
    This morning it's dry and humid, nice again tomorrow!

    Still...lots of good things on the TV..So, l don't think
    l'll be moving to far this weekend..and Monday is a Bank
    Holiday..So, an extra day off for some people! Lots going
    on anyway! :0).

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  4. Oops Poppy pressed the wrong key! Wanted to say what a chatty little kittie you are discussing the weather at 5am. Lucky mum to have such good company. So pleased mum had a fun day out even if it was a bit of a miserable day. I think Autumn is long gone as it has been 0 degrees here many mornings and snow on the distant hills. Try and sleep in a bit later tomorrow

  5. I'm spending Caturday at home while my human is at a writing conference for the afternoon. Bummed I can't go with her.

  6. We got rain too! Dreich day, all and all.

  7. We finally had what I would call a really nice summer-like day.