Saturday, May 13, 2017

Middle Aged Mumster Caturday Night In

Being on call this weekend and still nursing a cough from her pesky cold of a few weeks ago, meant the mumster deemed this a perfect night to stay in.

Although her intention was to get out early this morning, she mucked around and barely made it out the door before it was 1pm.  She did time it right however as there was no line at the post office.  A quick library visit was made and then mum made a couple of purchases.   The temperature was cool today and it was the first scarf outing of the season.   Mum also purchased a woolly hat to keep her head warm on the hike too and from work.

So home by 4pm and I sure was ready for my feast.  Mum disturbed my post dinner rest by pushing the Dyson round.  Wedges and squid rings from the freezer were heated up but it was a bit blah.

Feet are up and the heaters are on.  Mum is watching a recorded movie and will try to get to bed at a reasonable time as she has a great pile of books to be read.

We hop


  1. oooO! Mum's been busy! busy! And, a new
    hat, perhaps we ought to take a look at
    that..that hat! :). look very bright eye'd and busy
    tailed Poppy!x

  2. That feast must be really good for you poppy. You look so beautiful in that grey coat of yours.I didn't show it to Millie she is still self conscious about the shaved neck she got at the vets. It has grown back about an inch but is still only 1/2 way to where it should be. Poor mum with that cough. Try sipping a warm lemon and honey drink and stay home cozy. Fingers crossed for no call outs that sounds ghastly in this weather. The squid rings didn't sound too appealing either. Sleep tight you two Xxx

  3. Poppy, dear, what are squid rings? Are wedges potatoes? Nothing like that in our frozen meal offerings!

  4. Sounds like you've got a purrfect night with Mum planned, Poppy. Enjoy!

  5. Brrr, it sounded like a goods night to stay in. I couldn't go for the squid-rings, though...