Friday, May 12, 2017

Quiet Night In

Mum finished her week with a visit to the supermarket for supplies and a walk home.  The skies were grey and heavy with rain although she stayed dry on the journey home.  After I got my feast I popped into her bed for a post dinner snoozle.
Mum made herself a quick dinner.  Toasted sandwiches with a ham cheese and pineapple filling.  Mum is pretty keen on the quick and easy dinners a couple of nights during the week

We can hear the wind outside blasting our city, but mum has drawn the curtains and turned the heater on.   There is a load of washing to do and a quick hoover of the carpets.  She likes to get most of the jobs out of the way on Friday night, otherwise she will procrastinate and avoid doing them.

She is on call until Monday morning as well which gives her a good excuse to have a quiet and simple weekend.   We hope you all have a quiet one planned too.


  1. I do like those plates Mum has Poppy!x
    Gives her something to read while eating
    her sandwich l suppose! :).

    It's 10 o'clock over here..just got back
    from town..time for a lemon tea and a couple
    of biccies! or l might have a toasted sandwich!
    Oh! Dear! :0).

  2. "Toasted sandwiches with a ham cheese' That's my mom favourite !
    I'm glad your mom and you are going to have a lovely time on weekend.
    Have a good weekend
    I guess she will read the book with you, Miss Poppy !

  3. Mmmm, ham and cheese! Never tried grilling it with pineapple, though, bet it's good!

    Have a great weekend, you two. :-)

  4. Yum, I bet you shared some ham when mum was making those delicious toasties. Don't they just look good. You look all tuckered out now. Stay cosy and sweet dreams. Xxx

  5. I like to finish as many chores as possible on Fridays, too, Poppy. My weekends are for doing all the things for myself that I didn't have time for during the week because of work. Sometimes, I even get a little time to relax!

  6. My human loves toasted sandwiches, and you've made her hungry now!

  7. Hope your mum has a quiet weekend for being on call.