Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunny Caturday

Oh my gosh we are lucky having a wonderful sunny Caturday today.  Mum had to work late last night so she got in too late to do a post.  She got to have a sleep in this morning which she enjoyed after a long week.

She then got washing out, although our line doesn't see any if the sunshine over the winter.  The Dyson was pulled out to clean the carpet and the bed aired.

Mum then went out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine.  She went and looked at some nice towels, comfy boots and sweet smelling candles, but didn't buy any of them - it was just nice to look.

Now home with me to relax.  A feast for my dinner and mum cooked herself some meatballs with satay sauce for her tea.

We hope you all have had a lovely Caturday too.


  1. Nice and dry over here Poppy!x
    Little bit of sun, but, windy,
    weather man says it's dry for
    the next few days! :).

    oooO! Meatballs..I love meatballs,
    did she make them herself..their the
    best, and l like them in tomato sauce!
    Oh! Poppy!x now l feel hungry...! :).

  2. That sounds like a lovely Saturday for you both, Poppy. Our biped likes to window-shop too. :-)

    Our day is just starting...endless rain here! We'll be nice and snug while the human dons her rain gear and slogs out in the muck. Haha, too bad for her!

  3. Poppy, dear, there's a frost warning out for Sunday. I'm beginning to wonder if a tomato plant could become a happy houseplant. Like Willie, I do like meatballs in tomato sauce -- now there's an idea!

  4. Darling poppy, so glad you had a lovely day and mum too of course. What fun she had window shopping. I bet you just lay and snoozed and kept out a watch for any pesky mouse. One look at you and they would be away like lightening. Did I tell you Millie is better from her cat bite and caught her first mouse. It had avoided all traps but mills saw it and 60 seconds later all was gone including the tail. I say "ugh! But you will be thinking 'yum lucky her' love to you both Xxx

  5. Sunshine on Caturday is the best Poppy! We're getting it here too. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  6. Funny, you are heading into winter and enjoying sun puddles, while we are inching into summer and our Caturday is gray and possibly rainy!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day for you and your mum. Our mum was looking a towels too. Must be the change in seasons.