Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Snuggle Season Has Arrived

The snuggle season has appeared to have arrived.   If mum settles down onto her bed she now finds me keen to jump on her and have a snuggle.   Although they don't last long mum is happy that they are becoming more frequent.   A surprise sign that the seasons are changing.

Oh and mum is loving her new sheepskin slippers that she got for mothers day.  She is happy to discard her work shoes and relax in the toasty warm sheepskin.


  1. Ah! Nothing like a nice snuggle Poppy!x
    Especially if Mums wearing her sheepskin
    slippers...Not in she! :).

    Did you see that 'BIG' pussy~cat in the
    paper yesterday. He's in to~days paper
    as well...3ft 11in...long! Goodness! :0).

    1. Oh! If anyone would like to see that pussy~cat...
      Here it is.........

  2. Oooh, sheepskin slippers -- toasty! I ought to get another pair next fall, I wore the ones my dad had given me years ago till they just about fell apart. :-)

    Enjoy the cosy snuggle time, guys!

  3. Poppy, dear, snuggles and sheepskin slippers are treats humans think about when they're trudging home in winter weather.

  4. Warm feet and a warm cat make for cosy autumn evenings.

  5. It is a snuggle day here too. It got all cold on us. Mum is even thinking about turning the heaty monster back on for a day.