Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hi every buddy - just letting you all know that we are off on a little holiday.  Mum doesn't often take a day off from blogging, but she Iis going to visit with her family.  She is going to put her feet up and relax.  I am off to the cat hotel - what fun!!!!  See you all in two weeks.  Have fun ever buddy - love  poppy and muster q xxx

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me today - today I am 8 years old and got to celebrate with fancy feast and a big pile of temptations.  Lucky old me.  Mum celebrated by trying to figure out google chrome again.  Another two hours wasted.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

Monday, October 13, 2014


So we have figured out how to post on the tablet, but mum finds it super slow as she has to tap with one finger.  We are recycling some of our fave old photos too.  The day is sunny but windy but it is nice to have the windows open and fresh air blowing through.  Mum zipped down to the supermarket for a few groceries.  She is going to make a big pile of stir fry veg with some steak for dinner, very 80/20 as she saw on Dr oz this morning.

Mum worked to 1am this morning so is a bit tired as she only fell asleep around 3.  So tomorrow will be the day to get more done.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


So mum has a real Sunday Grrrrr.  Last night google chrome stopped working, mum had to uninstall it and now can't get to install.  So she can not get blogposts done on the laptop where the pictures are.  The pictures on the tablet are too big to load.  Mum had a 1000 things she needed to do today and instead has spent hours trying to sort out her computer and it has put her into a bad mood before heading to work - gGrrrrr

Saturday, October 11, 2014

WOW Caturday

Mum was lucky enough to be given a ticket to go to WOW - the Wearable Arts Award  an amazing show that is held every year in our city.   It is always a feast for the eyes, and every year that mum has been there have been several moments that  make her close to tears.  She was almost close to tears when the lady next to her dug her elbows into mums side for the thirtieth time, but tried not to let that spoil the show.  This was the winning costume in the Pacifica section that one the big prize.  It uses old suitcases to represent travel in New Zealand and was a worthy winner.

The day was lovely, and I got to sleep in the garden while mum went for a walk and soaked in some vitamin D.  She even busted out the sunblock today to protect her lily white skin.  She bought a new pillow and was pleased to find a bra she liked in the budget bin - score mum!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Caturday and get to do something fun.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bald Patch

Mum has been trying to get some pictures of my bald spot to try and show you.  This is where i got shaved last week, although the furs are now trying to grow back.  Mum and I had a lovely sleep in this morning, and we got to do some relaxing before she headed back to work.  Mum says she is very glad it is Friday although surprise surprise she has to work over the weekend, she does get to do some fun stuff too.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vet Talk

So my vet emailed my mum tonight to say that they weren't too concerned about my heart from the heart tests, but  I have to stay on the diet and come back and see them soon.  Mum has been feeding me the biscuits most days, til I had a little protest for three days and refused to eat them and wandered around howling at her.  She'd be moaning if she had to eat things she didn't like either.

The good thing is that my teeth cleaning operation has been put off for a while, which mum says is good as she needs to save some money up for my operation.

I am back to normal now and snuggling up with mum in the evening and in the morning, which she says is nice although she always hates having to go to work when I have just decided to have a cuddle.  Although she thinks that might be a ploy to get me off the bed so I can hunker down for the day.

Hope you all have good snoozes too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weird Dream Tuesday

So mum had another late shift tonight, but the bonus of that meant we got to sleep in this morning.  It had got cold overnight so I sneaked in and snuggled with her between her knees, which she said was nice and cosy.  She had weird dreams - dreams that her and I had moved into a studio apartment that was part furniture store part mortuary.  I guess she should stop reading thriller books before bed!!

Sweet dreams everybuddy!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sheet Smoother

Mum tried her best to get to bed earliesh on Sunday night, but first she had to make the bed with my help.  You see it is my job to inspect the clean sheets and smooth them out with my furs.  This is a complicated process and can't be rushed.   After such a lovely sunny Sunday it blew a gale all night and we awoke to a reminder that winter is only just behind us.   Of course it cleared up while mum was at work, and got worse again at 4.30pm while she headed home.   She feels like such an old lady, as dinner was eaten by 6pm and then she nodded off on the sofa.  She was thinking of a little nap, but as I was hogging her bed she stayed on the couch.

Operation clear the DVR is in progress as Walking Dead, Downton Abbey and Scandal are all about to start new seasons.  Our tv channels have wised up to having to show them only a day or two after they have been shown in the US, otherwise  everyone will just download the shows and watch them on their computers.

So we hope your week has started well .

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Sunshines

Today we had some glorious Sunday Sunshines and there is some real spring warmth in the sun.  So I headed out the cat door and bathed in the rays while mum pottered around.  As it is cold overnight, it takes some time where we live for the house to warm up, so mum decided to venture out for two hours to get some vitamin D and some fresh air.  She said lots of people were out and about two and she enjoyed her little walk.

She does like to be home by about 3.30pm on Sundays so that she can get dinner ready and relax before the working week begins.  Family phone calls are made on Sunday nights and then hopefully a good nights sleep.
This will be the first monday mum has worked in about 6 weeks, due to lots of shift work and days off she has managed to be able to lie in while everybody else headed off to work.  For some reason mum never sleeps well on Sunday night, but she hopes her walk will help with making her feel tired.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday too.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Caturday is upon us again, and here in the depths of the south pacific it is almost over for another week.  The mumster and I slept in this morning, which was a shame as the sun was shining down.  She had a leisurely brunch and did some clothes washing and pottering, while I caught the rays out in the garden.  Mum then ventured out at 1pm, thinking she should have put her light trousers and sandals on.  Luckily she didn't because by the time she had got across town there was a whole lot of grey clouds gathering and  a large hail storm started.  She was happy that she had made it inside by this stage, and was sheltered from the worst of it.

So it was nice when she met a bestie for a movie.  They saw Gone Girl and quite enjoyed it, although they did wonder at what most of the pensioners in the audience thought of it (it was the 2.45pm session).  Both the lead actors were good and even though mum had read the book, she had forgotten a lot of the story so for her it still felt fresh and  surprising.

After the movie, mum and the bestied dashed along to a little Thai place for dinner.  it is uber popular due to it;s lovely fresh food and family run atmosphere.  There was already a line formed outside, so they were lucky to be able to nab a table and enjoy their Fresh Chicken noodle dinner.  All done by 6.30pm hahaha.  mum is not embarassed by her middle aged ladiness and being home by 7pm.

Me, well I was glad to see her when she got home and even managed several 2 minute lap cuddles (she says it could just be that it is cold out there).

Hope you all got to enjoy your Caturday too.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Feeling Betterer Friday

I am feeling a bit betterer this Friday.  I am back to talking to mum like normal and not soo sleepy, although when you normally sleep for 22 hours or so a day, mum says it can be hard to tell if you are super sleepy.  Mum is just jealous, as she only managed about 4 hours sleep last night.  It is that combination of being a middle aged lady, too many crazy shifts lately, a change of daylight savings hours mucking up the body clock, a good book and a hungry pussy cat.  So she is hanging out for a couple of weekend mornings to sleep in and recharge just like me.

Mum had a steady day at work, and was on her feet for the whole day, but still managed a wee walk after work in the fresh air.  She visited the neighbourhood library and went to the supermarket.  She did feel a bit like she has a supermarket problem as this was her 5th visit in 7 days, but it is easy for her as the supermarket is only 3 minutes walk from our house.  So dinner was rice with lots of stir fry veg and chicken for her, and a fancy feast for me.  This was the first day of my diet biscuits, and I didn't mind them too much, although it wasn't a bit serving and I was a bit hangry for a while.

So now, it is take it easy time, just relaxing and getting ready for bed and a bit more sleeps for us.

Enjoy your TGIF everybuddy

Thursday, October 2, 2014


So yesterday was a day of big adventure for me.  Mum had to starve me from 9pm on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning when she got up I was really really hungry and begging her for biscuits.  At about 7am she had to do the old catch and grab to put me into my cat cage, and I saw the look in her eyes so she had one chance and she grabbed it.  We then caught a taxi into town to wait for a friend who dropped us off at the Vet Hospital.

I had to go there to have an echocardiogram and an echo ultrasound of my heart, cos when I saw the vet last week I got diagnosed with an arrhythmia.    The vet hospital is quite intense and busy, so your mum has to leave you at the front desk for the whole day.  The day started off chilly, but turned glorious and sunny, so mum had the day off to wander around and took herself out for  a cheap lunch and lots of window shopping.

She came back at 5pm to pick me up and saw the vet for 5 minutes.  They had not discovered any reason for my arrhythmia which was good, and there is no treatment, which mum was relieved about, as she knew I would hate having to take any pills or medicine.  I was pretty distressed at the hospital, as there were noisy barky dogs in the next room and I had been given some sedation for the procedures,  and I needed a cuddle straight away.  I cried most of the way home, which isn't like me and as soon as I got home, I wanted my biscuits and then went and curled up on the back of the little chair, which is my new sleepy spot, and I have been spending the next day and night snoozing there.  I am slowly recovering and getting back to normal.

So we will have to see what our vet says, and hopefully it will be of no consequence.