Saturday, October 4, 2014


Caturday is upon us again, and here in the depths of the south pacific it is almost over for another week.  The mumster and I slept in this morning, which was a shame as the sun was shining down.  She had a leisurely brunch and did some clothes washing and pottering, while I caught the rays out in the garden.  Mum then ventured out at 1pm, thinking she should have put her light trousers and sandals on.  Luckily she didn't because by the time she had got across town there was a whole lot of grey clouds gathering and  a large hail storm started.  She was happy that she had made it inside by this stage, and was sheltered from the worst of it.

So it was nice when she met a bestie for a movie.  They saw Gone Girl and quite enjoyed it, although they did wonder at what most of the pensioners in the audience thought of it (it was the 2.45pm session).  Both the lead actors were good and even though mum had read the book, she had forgotten a lot of the story so for her it still felt fresh and  surprising.

After the movie, mum and the bestied dashed along to a little Thai place for dinner.  it is uber popular due to it;s lovely fresh food and family run atmosphere.  There was already a line formed outside, so they were lucky to be able to nab a table and enjoy their Fresh Chicken noodle dinner.  All done by 6.30pm hahaha.  mum is not embarassed by her middle aged ladiness and being home by 7pm.

Me, well I was glad to see her when she got home and even managed several 2 minute lap cuddles (she says it could just be that it is cold out there).

Hope you all got to enjoy your Caturday too.


  1. Well, it's nearly mid~day over here Poppy!x
    And, it's raining, long time since we've seen the rain. Driest September in a long time, but, the funny man on telly says it's all gonna change, over the next few days, and Autumn will be here.
    I could have told 'him' that...As the leaves on my Virginia Creeper, are turning brown, and starting to fall..
    Shame...Never mind though, soon be Christmas...We can have some nuts..! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, it's good to see you're keeping your nose cosy! And what a lovely day of recuperation for your mum as well! Sleeping in, enjoying a movie and a Thai restaurant meal with a friend, coming home to a kitty to cuddle -- this is human middle-aged lady heaven.

  3. Poppy, we hasn't been around for a couple of days. We is sorry you had to go see the ebil v e t but glad you is feeling some better. Enjoy your cuddles with mum!

    Your mum beans days sounds lovely...except for the nasty weather!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Mum is usually the home early in the evening type too.

  5. My mum fully intends on embracing her middle age status by being home by 7:00 pm tonight. It is Global March for elephants, dinner with friends, then home to me. I am embracing my old lady status by napping all day. Meow from Jessica

  6. Caturday has gone for you Poppy so I will wish you a happy Sunday instead.

  7. Being home by 7 sounds perfect to me girls!
    Where is that Thai restaurant?