Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Sunshines

Today we had some glorious Sunday Sunshines and there is some real spring warmth in the sun.  So I headed out the cat door and bathed in the rays while mum pottered around.  As it is cold overnight, it takes some time where we live for the house to warm up, so mum decided to venture out for two hours to get some vitamin D and some fresh air.  She said lots of people were out and about two and she enjoyed her little walk.

She does like to be home by about 3.30pm on Sundays so that she can get dinner ready and relax before the working week begins.  Family phone calls are made on Sunday nights and then hopefully a good nights sleep.
This will be the first monday mum has worked in about 6 weeks, due to lots of shift work and days off she has managed to be able to lie in while everybody else headed off to work.  For some reason mum never sleeps well on Sunday night, but she hopes her walk will help with making her feel tired.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday too.


  1. We've got a nice sunny day over here to Poppy!x
    Though it's nearly 11 o'clock. But, it certainly rained yesterday...Poured down! Well, it would'nt pour up..Would it? HeHe! :).

    Hoping to have a peaceful Sunday to...Bunny rabbit for dinner, footy on later...feet up...! Bliss!

  2. Me got a nice sunny day too :)
    So I've been out whole day in da garden...sooooo nice !
    Happy Sunday, Miss Poppy

  3. Poppy, dear, your Salute to the Sun was beautifully executed. You really stretched your spine! Perhaps you could teach your mum The Corpse asana? It's very good for helping humans relax and drift into sleep...

  4. Yay for some good weather, Poppy. We are glad you and Mum both had some time outside in the sun.

    Happy Sunday, dear pals!

  5. Lucky you to have spring. Autumn is here and the cold has come. Hope you and your mum have a good week. Meow from Jessica

  6. Looks like you had a very pleasant spring day, Poppy!

  7. Oooo! Those sunny spring days are wonderful Poppy. We are into fall here in Oregon, and time to turn our heat on! I hope your Mum sleeps better!

  8. we have had wild wind which cools the sunshine down. Hope not as windy down your way

  9. Glad you are getting some nice sun Poppy. It has turned cold here, but we did have an exceptionally warm September.

  10. We've got a bit of sun, but it we is getting the cools Poppy. Enjoy your sunshine!

    Wishing you and mum a pawsome week ahead!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. I love how cats do a spot of yoga before exiting the room via the cat door!