Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nude in the bath again!!

It is ok Monty Q - I always check and make sure the water has gone down the drain before I jump in.

Jade wanted to know if our water drained away opposite to hers, so I had to make my mum go and check. We did a daisy experiment and run some water in the washbasin. The way it turned was - (drumroll please) clockwise.
Do you know I looked it up on Wikipedia and it is described as the Coroiolis effect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coriolis_effect . They say it is an urban myth that water goes in one direction in each hemisphere. Apparently an episode of the Simpsons helped to spread this myth around the world!!! It is determined by the shape of your basin, toilet bowl which way the water drains!! I feel smart now - call me Professor Poppy!! If you need any other science questions answered please feel free to let me know!!
Professor Poppy Q

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool windy wishes

Check out my head in action - no mum, no more pictures!!

You could do the reverse full monty in the bath - just take out the water first. Of course old dribbly bath water is good to drink.

Keep cool my little hot humid fur friends. Sending you cool breezes from the southern hemisphere.

Poppy Q

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cool day

To cool off - may I recommend a bath!

Today the weather has turned cooler and the rain is back. A couple of warm and sunny days were never going to last at the end of winter. We hope you all had a relaxing Sunday. Most of you are northern hemisphere cats and appear to be sweltering in the heat. Ahhh heat - I remember it well.

Today is 2 years since mums mum died. Nana B was only 61 when she died, but she had been sick for a long time. Lucky mum was able to get home to be with her when she died. Her brother and sister in law were also there and gdad had taken the kids to the park. That would have been how nan would have wanted it. So mum is not especially sad today - she misses her mum every day.

This is one of mums favourite pictures. It is off Gdad and mums brother holding mum (she was just a baby then!!). Mum knows that nana B must have been taking the picture. Therefore it is one of my mums favourite pictures of her mum - as that must have been what nana B was seeing that day. Her family - all together.
Poppy Q

Saturday, July 28, 2007


What is that Benjamin Fuzz? You want a proverb - about cats?

You mean:

Once bitten, twice bunnykicked!


When the cat's away the mice are will live one more day.
Sorry I have to get back to sleep now.
Poppy Q

Friday, July 27, 2007

It is Friday - time for a Friend!! (or two)

Well Friday has rolled around again. So it is time for MY FRIDAY FRIEND. This is a special feature on Poppy Q. Every friday we introduce you to some of our blogger friends. This is a nice way for my friends and family to get to know the nice kitty bloggers out there.

So My Friday Friend for this week is: a couple of rascals that I started reading about ages ago. They were one of the first cat blogs that caught my attention. Through reading about Beau & Angie and darling Millie, I was able to discover all of my new fur friends. So these are very important pussycats to me.

Beau giving Angie a bath - she looks like she is enjoying it!!! What a nice brother!!

Angie and Beau Beau

Angie would like you to know, that she is the beautiful floofy girl cat on the left of these pictures. Beau beau is the short haired fellow, who managed to look slightly surprised in both of these pictures. Me and my mum think they are both super cute and very funny!!

Angie and Beau have had an exciting year. Their mummy and daddy got married this year!! Good on you mum and dad!! Their awesome mum and dad went to look for a kittie at the animal shelter. They found Beau Beau first. He got to run around wild at home and was tiring his beans out ,so they had to look for another cat to keep him out of mischief. Luckily they found the beautiful Angie - isn't she sweet? They now all live together in Connecticut in the US.

You can find them at their blog: http://swicks.blogspot.com/

You guys are awesome!!

Poppy Q

Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Answer Daisys Question

Miss Daisy asked if I was a soft pussycat.

Miss Daisy I am supersoft. My fur is all squishy and cuddly and like all British Shorthair cats it looks a bit crinkly, especially when I lie down. Mum even thinks I smell good and she likes to give me kisses - silly bean.

I am soft like the softest snuggly micro-fleece blanket that you would wrap your babybeans in.

Thanks to all of my clever friends entering the competition. You don't need to guess a date for when the post will be!!! Just leave me your name in the comments section and consider yourselves entered. Monty Q thinks he should be able to enter his baby bean. He also tells me that there are 234 cats living at his house. Boy your mum and dad must be broke from buying you all food Monty Q! Furry kisses to you all.

Poppy Q

Ps we found this great article on CNN about Oscar the cat. Oscar lives in a rest home, in the US, and he goes and visits with the folks there before they die. Oscar makes his rounds and his instincts tell him if the patients life is ending. He curls up beside them for a cuddle, and his behaviour alerts the nurses to let the families know that they should come to say goodbye. Good job Oscar - everyone should have a great cat like you to cuddle with when they die.


This is Oscar.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't forget about my competition

Now I know that lots of my blogger friends have already entered - but just a reminder to everycat.

I am having a 100th post competition. In honour of my 100th post coming up I need you!!!

The rules:

- You must be a cat blogger to enter.

- You can enter one time each. If there are 10 of you at home you can all enter separetly.

- Putting the baby bean in cats ears do not count Monty Q!!!

- Just say Hi in my comments and tell me you want to enter.

-You can enter between now and my one hundreth post.

- Then we will draw a lucky cat blogger winner!! You will win cat treats and maybe a treat for you to share with your bean!! (my teddy bear is not in the prize package - sorry!!)

Good luck everycat!!!

Poppy Q

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I am happy today!! Happy to see you all like me in my box.
I have a lot to be happy about.
I get biscuits to eat whenever I need them, mum is good to me, I have a warm bed to sleep in all night and most of the day, i get to play outside in the sun, I have lots of toys and best of all I have lots of blogger friends to visit.
Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is a good life!!!
Poppy Q

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat of the Month!!!!

Guess who won the Cat in Boxes CAT OF THE MONTH AWARD, for July this year? You can check me out on their website: http://catsinboxes.com/cat_awards/cat_of_the_month

Why that would be me - do you think I deserve it?

Poppy Q

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cold in the City

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr it is awfully chilly here today! However we know that most people are curled up inside by the heater, reading their Harry Potter books.
I spent the day snoozing, scratching my scatching pole, scratching the couch (don't tell mum!) and snoozing.
I hope your weekend was relaxing.
Poppy Q

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yes it is Friday Friend Time Again!!

Welcome friends and beans to My Friday Friend.

This is my friend Parker. Parker always reads my blog and puts in lots of nice amusing comments. My mum apologizes as we read her blog, and have tried to comment lately but we seem to not be able to. It must be mum - she is always having trouple with the computer. Me not so much trouble. You can find Parkers blog at :


It is pretty perfect too!!

Parker is a super girl cat who lives with her beans and sisters Puff and Powder, brother Rudy (who seems to bite Parker a lot!!) and a woofie called Diamond. The whole Parker family are moving to Ohio, to a very cute house. I think their new house looks like a castle!! They are moving in 11 days. We hope it is not too long a trip. Also I hope their computer is the first thing moved into the house, and they can tell us they are safely in their new home.

I love you Parker!!! You are a good friend to me.

This picture is for the pussy cats to dream about - them are all gecko footsies!! My mum first found this picture on CNN and then found it on this website: www.nsf.gov/news/mmg/mmg_disp.cfm?med_id=5962...
Permission to use image is granted for noncommercial use only, and must be accompanied by the following citation of source publication: Autumn, K., et al. 2002. Evidence for van der Waals adhesion in gecko setae. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99, 12252-12256.

I think Daisy will be dreaming about these Geckos all weekend!!

Now if you pussy cats want to leave a message - I have a new chat box!! Please write me!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Poppy Q

Thursday, July 19, 2007



Mum you can't take over my blog. It is for me and my furry friends. You want to give some advice? Oh man!!!

Mum wants to say that when she went home she took nephew bud and neice belle to the movies. They saw Transformers. Actually mum enjoyed it - not as bad as she thought. She thought it would be good to advice all the girl beans that if they took their husbands/sons/nephews/boyfriends to this movie they would make their menfolk very happy. Just think of all the boys who sat through any chick flicks. One girl mum works with, her husband is a teacher at a boys high school. It is all the boys are talking about after their school holidays.

Me - I am just waiting for Garfield three to be made!!

Poppy Q

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So Why Did I Have To Go To Prison?

Dear Poppy,

Sorry you had to go in your prison box to prison. But I had to go and visit my family. I hadn't had a holiday since I got you and needed to have a short break away.

My family live in Napier. It is a small seaside town in New Zealand. About 50,000 people live there with another 50,000 20kms away in Hastings. Napier had a large earthquake in 1931 that destroyed much of the city and killed 256 people. So when it was rebuilt much of the town was designed in an Art Deco style.

I had fun visiting the family, but I did miss you too. I was glad the nice people at the cattery were able to look after you. I chose that cattery as it is at the vets that we go to. So if anything was to happen to you, they would be able to sort you out. They also have a garden that you can play in, rather than being locked up all day.
You will have to go to prison to stay every now and then. But for most of your life I promise, you will be at home with me - free to choose where and when to sleep. You will eat your favourite biscuits even if it means I have to eat toast every night.
Poppys Mum

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hello friends.

I was nominated for another award. It is the schmoozing award - my mum laughed and said it should be for the snoozing award. Thanks Zoey and the furballs - me and mum love you too. You guys are funny.

Do you know, we had a great nights sleep. I slept all night tucked up beside my mum and she said she had a great night knowing I was safe beside her.

Tonight I even jumped on her lap and curled up!! Boy mum seemed to like that!!
So my friends, while you are all suffering in the heatwaves in the Northern hemisphere, think of us suffering in the coldwave down here. Mum has two duvets, a quilt and a thick blanket covering her at night. Ohhh and an electric blanket, flannelette sheets and a warm pussy cat to snuggle up to. We miss the summer and the sun - we would like it back please.
Good to see so many of you are entering in my 100th post contest!! That is right folks - you can win prizes by leaving your name in the comments (you have to be a cat blogger to enter). On the day/night of our 100th post we will draw one lucky pussycats name who will win the parcel of their dreams (we hope). Come on all you lurkers, step up, start your own kitty cat blog and enter. Oh maybe mum will even put a wee present in for the beans in your house.
Entries - one per cat. That means you Monty Q. However if you have a multi cat household you can enter all your kitties ie Darling Millie and Jasmine, Kimo and Sabi etc can have two entries.
Poppy Q

Monday, July 16, 2007

I am free!!!

Finally friends - I am free!!

My mum came and paid my bail and let me out of prison. The cheeky wardens even gave my mum a report card. It showed that they had done lots of inspections on me!

Whilst she was here poppy was treated for fleas - yuchhy poison I say.

Her weight was - 4.51 kgs. Mum I didn't sign up for fat camp, why was they weighing me?
Her body condition is - ideal: ribs palpable but not visible. Waistline observed behind ribs when viewed from above. I say mum you know I am a supermodel.
General comment: Very shy, but cute!! Of course I am not going to talk to you , you people are prison wardens. Don't you know I am an internet celebrity?
They also checked my teeth - watch out I can bite you cause I am free of peridontal disease. Lucky they didn't come after my other end. Boy they would be in trouble then.
Thanks to all my friends for planning to send files in cakes. I am glad to be home. I have a lot of snooping and sniffing to catch up on!! Mum you better get that electric blanket switched on soon.
We are getting a few entries for our 100th post competition. The rules are simple - you must be a cat blogger (or if you can't type get your human to do it for you, leave a note in our comments letting me know your name and that you want to enter.
We will pick a name randomly out of a hat on the day of our 100th post and you will win cat treats and yummies!!!
Good to be back home.
Poppy Q

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still in Prison!!!

My cellmate - Albie - doing time for shoplifting feather sticks.

Still in prison - help me!!!

Monty Q is baking a cake with a file in it. Thanks buddies, I am in a hurry to get out. The wardens are telling me my mum will be home soon! Those other cats are rowdy and I just want to get back to my bed.

Thanks for thinking about me friends!! And I am glad some of you are excited about the competition.

Just remember to enter my 100th post competition just let me know which cat blogger you are and that you want to enter. Send me a note in my comments and consider yourself in!!!

Poppy Q - prisoner in exile.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Please let me go home!!!

Poor old poppy locked up in the cattery!! Whatever will our heroine do?

Monty Q has promised to come and rescue her!! What do you mean your momma won't give you her credit card? For goodness sakes woman, an internet celebrity is trapped in a cage!!

Thanks Monty Q

- but by the time you get here, even by first class my mum better be home. She better have the heaters on, a big bowl of cold water ready and an endless supply of cat biscuits. Also I am taking over the number one bed position. She can sleep on the cold side - forever!!!

The good news is - in honour of our 100th post coming up and also by then we will be read by over a thousands reads (we know that 99% of them are Monty Q's mom), we are going to have a competition.

The Rules:

1 - You must be a cat blogger to enter.
2- Just let us know you are reading our blog, by leaving your name in the comments between now and the 99th entry on our blog.
3- One entry per cat blogger.
4- We will draw a winners name on the day of the 100th blog!!

5- The winner will win - some yummies and toys!!!!

Good luck friends!!

Poppy Q

Friday, July 13, 2007



My mummy has taken me away in the prison box to somewhere strange. It smells real funny here and I can hear lots of other prison pussycats miowing. The odd thing is my mum let me have my furry blanket (the red one though - I told you I like the brown one mummy), a catnip mousie, the pillow from my igloo, my scarf and my teddy bear. Where am I, help, help,help!!!

This is Poppys mum. Poppy is fine - she is just staying at the v-e-t-s cattery while I am away for the weekend visiting the family. Boy she wasn't happy in the prison box. She even scratched me and cried and cried and cried for the first half hour in there.

She will be home soon though and be able to post more pictures of herself then.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Poppy Q

Thanks Kat - My Friday Friend

Guess who is Kats Cat of the day? Best you all go and look at Poppy Q - that is right - it's me!!! Thanks Kat for making me feel special.

My Friday Friend this week it Monty Q.

You may think that Monty Q and I may be related due to the same last name. I have looked in my family tree and can't find the tabby line. He does want to be my brother though. We like that idea - everyone needs a brother to look out for them. Look at Angie and Beau, Eric and Flynn - they are good brothers.

Monty Q is a very handsome tabby cat that lives in the US. He came from an animal shelter and chose his family wisely cause they love him lots. He has important jobs of snoopervising around the house and guarding the kidbeans in his family.

Monty Q is in love with Mille - we can see why. She is cute.

Be sure to go and show Monty Q some love - he is getting his own email soon and changes are afoot at his blog http://survivalofthefurriest.blogspot.com/

Thanks Monty Q for being a good friend and coming to visit me so often.

Poppy Q

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One for Monty Q Mombean

This one is especially for Monty Qs mombean - kiss kiss to you to. It is my sleepy kittycat face.
Poppy Q
P.S mum pushed me off for a minute so she could add a bit. She knows there have been lots of sadness this year with lots of kittycats finishing their lives with their families. Mum thinks though, that by learning about dying - we are really learning about living.
She read this post tonight by the great Laurie at her fab website Crazy Aunt Purl. Mum was going to comment but this post already had over eleven hundred comments on it!! So she thought she would publish the link to it here as she thought that other cat bloggers might like to read it. This is Lauries post to her cat Roy The Story Of Roy .
Please be warned - you may need a tissue.
We sure think that Roy found a great home with Laurie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meme from Parker

Meme from Parker - thanks Parker!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I am not even a year old - so I don't know.

What were you doing a year ago?

See above answer.

5 snacks you enjoy.

Friskees, custard (yummy), luncheon meat, ham and moths.

5 Songs you know all the words to.

Mum knows most of the words to lots of songs and will sing them to me, but not in public. Her favourite songs this week from her ipod are, (she is not sure she knows all the words to all of them):

Waiting on the world to change (John Mayer), How to save a life (the fray), Gone Going (Jack Johnson), Hurt (Johnny Cash) and Chasing Cars (snow patrol).

5 Things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Buy me and my mummy a house, send mum on holiday somewhere warm, sponser some cages at the SPCA to look after cats, buy mum a shop where I can go and sleep in every day and look after my family.

5 bad habits.

Mum tells me I am a very well behaved kitten, but I do occasionally like to scratch the curtains, bite mums toes when they in the bed, runaway when she is trying to pat me, miow while she has her shower and pull the phone cords so the phone falls down (not my fault the catnip mouse ran in their to hide from me!!!).

5 things I enjoy doing.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping. Especially now it is really cold. I spend all night snuggled up next to my mum.

Patrolling - got to check around the house a couple of times every evening and morning. When it is summer I sometimes stay out really late.

Sitting in the bath - it is so nice and cool in the summer to sit in the empty bath.

Eating treats - I eat friskees treats sitting on my mums knee.

Chasing things - mousies, moths and any thing that runs around and could fit in my mouth.

5 things I will never wear again.

I am a cat - I don't wear anything except my collar.

5 Favourite toys.

Scarf, feather stick (green, blue and pink ones), catnip mouse, teddy bear and ballpoint pens.

We have to pass the meme on - we choose the famous five + 1. They can answer all together.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Now have a Title

Yahhoo - mum finally got a title to work. Apparently she now has to take the cursor over the far left line of the title box and hover, then click. Good on you mum!! You are a clever computer fixer!!

Mum wants to say hi to her big brother. He hurt his back last year and his heartless employers tossed him aside. However he is now starting to do some computer studies. Go big brother!! We know you are smart!
Speaking of smart. Miss Parker needs us to watch out for her meme tomorrow - I wonder what it will be about?

Mum made me watch the news tonight. We see it is getting awfully hot in America at the moment. We hope all you cats are keeping cool. You should all stay in the shade and make you humans fan you to keep cool.
In this photo I am keeping cool and hoping my mum will fan me with those lushious green feathers.
Poppy Q

Monday, July 9, 2007

Once Again the Title is not Working

I can't get the title to work again. Does any of you smart blogging cats know what to do to fix this? I haven't made any changes, that I am aware of, that would stop this working.

Anyway it is raining cats and dogs tonight (and cold). So I have taken up the prime bed position - I fast asleep!!!. Haha mum you will have to sleep on the cold side tonight!!

Prime bed position number one - right where mum sleeps and the electric blanket is!!

Poppy Q

Sunday, July 8, 2007

P.S.S Blogger won't let us put any titles on todays posts. So I am not starting again. The title for the post below is:

Staying at Home Sundays / Minx/ Kiwi Bird

Today is stay at home Sunday. That means mum promises to stay right here. No going out anywhere, no stinky hair stuff, no funny makeup and no fancy clothes for her. She has her slippers on and her comfiest clothes. Of course that means that as soon as I have finished sleeping, I will disapear off on patrol.

Now todays post is sent as a humble apology to my friend Minx. You see minx tagged me ages ago for some confessions, but his human hadn't taught him to send me a note. and tell me. So I didn't know. So I am sorry it is six weeks too late but I hope you like it anyway!!.

Hi Minx, You sure are a pretty colour!! You can find Minxs adventures at http://allaboutmme3.blogspot.com/ It tells the story of three kiwi kitties. Kiwis are New Zealands national bird. They are very rare and only come out at night. We would be in big trouble if we caught one of them. Mum would have to hide the evidence, but the CSI people would track us down.

Poppy Confessions
When I was little and still used the litter box my mum called me stinky butt!! Not fair I say!

When I come inside I always call out and see if my mum is home.

I am incapable of finding my food bowl in the morning. I have to make my mum show me where it is every morning. Even if it still has food in it.

I know you bought those expensive biscuits for me mum from the SPCA - really I like the supermarket ones better.

Mum is sitting on the bed writing this - I am snuggled up purring behind her back.

I hope every cat and human gets to have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Poppy Q

Ps: A little about kiwi birds.
The kiwi bird is an endangered native bird, with only about 50,000 known. They are usually about 3.3 kg and live in the bush. They are usually nocturnal (coming out at night), and often live as pairs usually mating for life (sometimes for thirty years). The female lays only one egg at a time (they are huge too), and then the male incubates them.

Because New Zealand is a couple of islands, the kiwis were safe until the settlers arrived and bought rats, stoats and cats with them. Unfortunately they wouldn't play nice, and ate lots of kiwi birds.

If you cats ever find a kiwi bird - you should leave it alone and let it go home.

You can go here to learn about kiwis:


New Zealanders (that is me and my mum) are called kiwis because it was a nickname the Australian soldiers called the New Zealand soldiers in the first world war. Together the Aussie and kiwi soldiers are called ANZACS.

My mum loves kiwifruit too!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm a rocking girl.

I got nominated by my friend Millie for an award - awesome.

I have to nominate some other girl bloggers.

I choose:

Thanks for keeping us entertained and telling us your stories!!

Poppy Q