Monday, July 16, 2007

I am free!!!

Finally friends - I am free!!

My mum came and paid my bail and let me out of prison. The cheeky wardens even gave my mum a report card. It showed that they had done lots of inspections on me!

Whilst she was here poppy was treated for fleas - yuchhy poison I say.

Her weight was - 4.51 kgs. Mum I didn't sign up for fat camp, why was they weighing me?
Her body condition is - ideal: ribs palpable but not visible. Waistline observed behind ribs when viewed from above. I say mum you know I am a supermodel.
General comment: Very shy, but cute!! Of course I am not going to talk to you , you people are prison wardens. Don't you know I am an internet celebrity?
They also checked my teeth - watch out I can bite you cause I am free of peridontal disease. Lucky they didn't come after my other end. Boy they would be in trouble then.
Thanks to all my friends for planning to send files in cakes. I am glad to be home. I have a lot of snooping and sniffing to catch up on!! Mum you better get that electric blanket switched on soon.
We are getting a few entries for our 100th post competition. The rules are simple - you must be a cat blogger (or if you can't type get your human to do it for you, leave a note in our comments letting me know your name and that you want to enter.
We will pick a name randomly out of a hat on the day of our 100th post and you will win cat treats and yummies!!!
Good to be back home.
Poppy Q


  1. Poppy Q, you arrre sooo cute! I am catching up on bloggies, since I've been out busy looking forrr Prrrince Charrrming--don't ask--don't know wherrre he is...
    ...but yourrr little kitty picturrre is soooo darrrling! I'm glad you arrre finally frrree. Hey, you'rrre a little kitty like me! I'm only five pounds and have a small head and verrry tiny feet.

    Purrrs to You,


  2. Yay! I am glad ur owt of prison, Poppy! At least it wasn't a furry long sentence.(Minx, being a Master Criminal and kitty porn addict, wants to know what you was in for). Meowmie says I is probably NOT an ideal shape - she finks dat I is about five kilos or more, and dat while she can feel my ribs, dat when she luks at me from above, she can't see a waist - it is da same width as my ribs! I say dat not fat, dat just well prepared fur a cold Dunedin winter!



  3. They never got my call about the caviar and full massage I demanded you get? BEANS! I called your prison keepers and gave them a strict pampering routine for you.

    What, MomBean?

    I DON'T CARE IF IT SOUNDED LIKE 'MEOW'! They look after cats, they should have understood!

  4. I knew you were perfect already Poppy - FAZ

  5. Yay! We's furry happy to hear you's free! :) Can we play in your 100th bloggie contest?

  6. Hooray! You are a free kitty! Prison sux! Enjoy being home and demand many treats!

  7. We missed out on your whole prison term! Mommy "was too busy" to let us blog so we didn't even know anything about it. Geesh and we have an excellent recipe for brownies, which of course are known to tempt humans to look the other way during breakouts! At least Mommy uses them to get people to do her bidding at work.

  8. Poppy Q, we are sooooo glad you are out of prison! Boy, we don't like that idea very much at all!


    PS. We like da great idea of visiting you in NZ! It sounds like about the right temperature...and we can all go into a big kitty pile too! We wanna visit you right now!

    PPS. Mommy asked us if she could come along too, she's never been to NZ.

  9. Poppy Q darling, we selected you for the Schmooze Award. We love you darling!