Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Now have a Title

Yahhoo - mum finally got a title to work. Apparently she now has to take the cursor over the far left line of the title box and hover, then click. Good on you mum!! You are a clever computer fixer!!

Mum wants to say hi to her big brother. He hurt his back last year and his heartless employers tossed him aside. However he is now starting to do some computer studies. Go big brother!! We know you are smart!
Speaking of smart. Miss Parker needs us to watch out for her meme tomorrow - I wonder what it will be about?

Mum made me watch the news tonight. We see it is getting awfully hot in America at the moment. We hope all you cats are keeping cool. You should all stay in the shade and make you humans fan you to keep cool.
In this photo I am keeping cool and hoping my mum will fan me with those lushious green feathers.
Poppy Q


  1. It's hot here in Marycatland, the beans are stayin' inside and aren't gettin' to go out that much. It's even hot at night to sleep. :P

  2. Poppy, I want to say hi to your uncle (your mom's brother). ::waves paw:: I am sorry your back got hurty.