Friday, July 27, 2007

It is Friday - time for a Friend!! (or two)

Well Friday has rolled around again. So it is time for MY FRIDAY FRIEND. This is a special feature on Poppy Q. Every friday we introduce you to some of our blogger friends. This is a nice way for my friends and family to get to know the nice kitty bloggers out there.

So My Friday Friend for this week is: a couple of rascals that I started reading about ages ago. They were one of the first cat blogs that caught my attention. Through reading about Beau & Angie and darling Millie, I was able to discover all of my new fur friends. So these are very important pussycats to me.

Beau giving Angie a bath - she looks like she is enjoying it!!! What a nice brother!!

Angie and Beau Beau

Angie would like you to know, that she is the beautiful floofy girl cat on the left of these pictures. Beau beau is the short haired fellow, who managed to look slightly surprised in both of these pictures. Me and my mum think they are both super cute and very funny!!

Angie and Beau have had an exciting year. Their mummy and daddy got married this year!! Good on you mum and dad!! Their awesome mum and dad went to look for a kittie at the animal shelter. They found Beau Beau first. He got to run around wild at home and was tiring his beans out ,so they had to look for another cat to keep him out of mischief. Luckily they found the beautiful Angie - isn't she sweet? They now all live together in Connecticut in the US.

You can find them at their blog:

You guys are awesome!!

Poppy Q


  1. Hi Poppy Q, sorry about the NZ joke; living in the UK my human usually gets the sheep jokes because she's Australian. Have a great NZ weekend. FAZ

  2. hey there poppy q! i like your friday friend feature! it's a great idea.

    have you been tagged for the proverb meme yet? if you haven't, stop by my blog for the directions and then share your wisdom with the rest of us.

    ben fuzzbunicus

  3. Friday Friend is a fabulous idea, Poppy Q. :) Angie and Beau Beau are great cats. :)

  4. Wow you made us famous! We am so honored to be yur Friday Friends. We am going to try and teleport ofur today to play.

  5. Beau and Angie are great cats!

  6. What a great new feature!

    We love BeauBeau & Angie. They were two of our first cat blogosphere friends.

  7. Yayyy! We're on owr way ofur and we'd love to have some steak please. It is so hot here in Connectacat dat we can't wait to feel some cold air and then get some snuggles under da blanket.

  8. They are both darling and very beautiful!