Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool windy wishes

Check out my head in action - no mum, no more pictures!!

You could do the reverse full monty in the bath - just take out the water first. Of course old dribbly bath water is good to drink.

Keep cool my little hot humid fur friends. Sending you cool breezes from the southern hemisphere.

Poppy Q


  1. Poppy! It too cold to be playing in da barftub! I hopes you is bak in bed snuggling wif your electric blanket . . her, I mean Mummy. I is inside in da lounge wif Meowmie - she has da heater on and da woolly blankie owt and we is just watching da news about all da fludding in Oamaru. Muffin and Ebbie are SILLY - dey is owtside in da rayn again! Da closest got to going owtside was to da door to chek da water wasn't coming in.

  2. Aaahhhh! Visiting your page is like a cool refreshing breeze. I feel much better now.

  3. Sis! I'm back, did you miss me? What..


  4. Poppy you arrre sooo funny! Sometimes I sit on the edge of the tub, but I don't play in it. You arrre verrry brrrave. What would happen if someone turrrned the waterrr on?

    By the way, is it trrrue that waterrr turrrns counterrr clockwise as it goes down the drrrain in the Southerrn Hemispherrre? Orrr was someone telling me a storrry? In the U.S. (Califorrrnia) wherre I'm frrrom the waterrr turrrns clockwise as it goes down a drrrain.