Sunday, July 8, 2007

Today is stay at home Sunday. That means mum promises to stay right here. No going out anywhere, no stinky hair stuff, no funny makeup and no fancy clothes for her. She has her slippers on and her comfiest clothes. Of course that means that as soon as I have finished sleeping, I will disapear off on patrol.

Now todays post is sent as a humble apology to my friend Minx. You see minx tagged me ages ago for some confessions, but his human hadn't taught him to send me a note. and tell me. So I didn't know. So I am sorry it is six weeks too late but I hope you like it anyway!!.

Hi Minx, You sure are a pretty colour!! You can find Minxs adventures at It tells the story of three kiwi kitties. Kiwis are New Zealands national bird. They are very rare and only come out at night. We would be in big trouble if we caught one of them. Mum would have to hide the evidence, but the CSI people would track us down.

Poppy Confessions
When I was little and still used the litter box my mum called me stinky butt!! Not fair I say!

When I come inside I always call out and see if my mum is home.

I am incapable of finding my food bowl in the morning. I have to make my mum show me where it is every morning. Even if it still has food in it.

I know you bought those expensive biscuits for me mum from the SPCA - really I like the supermarket ones better.

Mum is sitting on the bed writing this - I am snuggled up purring behind her back.

I hope every cat and human gets to have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Poppy Q

Ps: A little about kiwi birds.
The kiwi bird is an endangered native bird, with only about 50,000 known. They are usually about 3.3 kg and live in the bush. They are usually nocturnal (coming out at night), and often live as pairs usually mating for life (sometimes for thirty years). The female lays only one egg at a time (they are huge too), and then the male incubates them.

Because New Zealand is a couple of islands, the kiwis were safe until the settlers arrived and bought rats, stoats and cats with them. Unfortunately they wouldn't play nice, and ate lots of kiwi birds.

If you cats ever find a kiwi bird - you should leave it alone and let it go home.

You can go here to learn about kiwis:

New Zealanders (that is me and my mum) are called kiwis because it was a nickname the Australian soldiers called the New Zealand soldiers in the first world war. Together the Aussie and kiwi soldiers are called ANZACS.

My mum loves kiwifruit too!!


  1. Wow! That is fascinating news about Kiwis. Purrrhaps they arrre penguins that got lost and had to change theirrr ways. Kiwis, wherrre I live, arrre a delectible frrruit that my beans enjoy eating. Howeverrr, I don't eat human food--it disgusts me. I prrreferrr stinky goodness frrrom a can.

    Your Furrrend,


  2. Hi, Poppy Q! My name's Lux; I don't think we've met!

    It sounds like you've got a wonderful relaxing Sunday planned!

  3. Glad yoo are haffing a relaxing Sunday wiv yer mum. If we saw a kiwi, I don't fink we would want to catch it ennyway cuz he looks like he could give a nasty peck wiv that beak.

  4. I like the Kiwi bird. He is very big!!! Stay at home Sunday is the best. I hope you get some good relaxation time.

    ps: those are some funny confessions you made!

  5. That was very interesting! Thanks Poppy Q!