Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So Why Did I Have To Go To Prison?

Dear Poppy,

Sorry you had to go in your prison box to prison. But I had to go and visit my family. I hadn't had a holiday since I got you and needed to have a short break away.

My family live in Napier. It is a small seaside town in New Zealand. About 50,000 people live there with another 50,000 20kms away in Hastings. Napier had a large earthquake in 1931 that destroyed much of the city and killed 256 people. So when it was rebuilt much of the town was designed in an Art Deco style.

I had fun visiting the family, but I did miss you too. I was glad the nice people at the cattery were able to look after you. I chose that cattery as it is at the vets that we go to. So if anything was to happen to you, they would be able to sort you out. They also have a garden that you can play in, rather than being locked up all day.
You will have to go to prison to stay every now and then. But for most of your life I promise, you will be at home with me - free to choose where and when to sleep. You will eat your favourite biscuits even if it means I have to eat toast every night.
Poppys Mum


  1. That is a very pretty town. I am still glad you are no longer in prison!

  2. Well, no more prison for you. The next time your Mom has to go somewhere you just teleport yourself over here and I'll watch you. Sending you to prison again. Phht!

  3. What a pretty town! It reminds me a little bit of South Beach in Florida which is also in an Art Deco style.

    I sure am glad you are out of prison, Poppy!

  4. don't you just hate it when they do stuff for our own good?

    did your mom bring you any presents?