Saturday, July 14, 2007

Please let me go home!!!

Poor old poppy locked up in the cattery!! Whatever will our heroine do?

Monty Q has promised to come and rescue her!! What do you mean your momma won't give you her credit card? For goodness sakes woman, an internet celebrity is trapped in a cage!!

Thanks Monty Q

- but by the time you get here, even by first class my mum better be home. She better have the heaters on, a big bowl of cold water ready and an endless supply of cat biscuits. Also I am taking over the number one bed position. She can sleep on the cold side - forever!!!

The good news is - in honour of our 100th post coming up and also by then we will be read by over a thousands reads (we know that 99% of them are Monty Q's mom), we are going to have a competition.

The Rules:

1 - You must be a cat blogger to enter.
2- Just let us know you are reading our blog, by leaving your name in the comments between now and the 99th entry on our blog.
3- One entry per cat blogger.
4- We will draw a winners name on the day of the 100th blog!!

5- The winner will win - some yummies and toys!!!!

Good luck friends!!

Poppy Q


  1. Oh boy! A contest! How exciting! I am glad your Mom is home now! Get lots of extra treats!

  2. Poor poor Poppy Q! I hope you get sprung from jail soon.

    Hmmm, Poppy Q, you have the same last name as Monty Q! I just noticed that.

  3. Are they treating you right there? Do I need to go whap some beans around??

  4. We hopes you get out of jail soon! It must be furry traumatic!

  5. We reads your blog, Poppy! And we is sorry to hear dat you was sent to prison! Did you do sumfing bad? Meowmie says dat we is going on a holiday when she goes away to Auckland - but she say dere won't be any cages except at meal tymes so we get da rite fud. I hope da ofur cats aren't mean to us!



  6. Hi Poppy! I saw where Monty Q sed you were in prison an came to offer you a file in a cake, but Mom wouldn't let me cook an Dad can't eat flower so, well, I don't know what good this file will do, but here it is:

    Are you out yet? No? Hmmm. If anyone treets you wrong, I'll send Bonnie to whap them.