Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hello friends.

I was nominated for another award. It is the schmoozing award - my mum laughed and said it should be for the snoozing award. Thanks Zoey and the furballs - me and mum love you too. You guys are funny.

Do you know, we had a great nights sleep. I slept all night tucked up beside my mum and she said she had a great night knowing I was safe beside her.

Tonight I even jumped on her lap and curled up!! Boy mum seemed to like that!!
So my friends, while you are all suffering in the heatwaves in the Northern hemisphere, think of us suffering in the coldwave down here. Mum has two duvets, a quilt and a thick blanket covering her at night. Ohhh and an electric blanket, flannelette sheets and a warm pussy cat to snuggle up to. We miss the summer and the sun - we would like it back please.
Good to see so many of you are entering in my 100th post contest!! That is right folks - you can win prizes by leaving your name in the comments (you have to be a cat blogger to enter). On the day/night of our 100th post we will draw one lucky pussycats name who will win the parcel of their dreams (we hope). Come on all you lurkers, step up, start your own kitty cat blog and enter. Oh maybe mum will even put a wee present in for the beans in your house.
Entries - one per cat. That means you Monty Q. However if you have a multi cat household you can enter all your kitties ie Darling Millie and Jasmine, Kimo and Sabi etc can have two entries.
Poppy Q


  1. Hey Poppy - we just read your comment, and we only say da nice fings cos dey true. We really happy dat we found another kiwi kitty to talk to! And Minxy really loves your furs. Meowmie finks ur a bit like me and Minxy combined - you have furs lyk Minxy but a body shape closer to myn (but Meowmie says your da perfect weight lyk a model shud be and I just chubby - she just mean and doesn't lyk paying for my speshul fud). We all really lyked da first pickchur of you - you so CUTE, we can see why you is a supermodel. Do you know Tyra Banks from Merika's Top Model? You shud go on her show and be a judge (we all watch dat show a LOT).

    We is warm down here - Meowmie turns da heater on more often at night so we is all spending more tyme inside, efun Ebbie. We don't lyk it da nytes Meowmie decides to watch da pickchur box in bed cos den she doesn't turn da heater on! Doesn't she know we is only short hair poodins??

    Love and Purrs,


  2. I don't know what you're talking about, Sis. I swear there's another cat in this house.

    Hey! Don't let BabyBean take off those cat ears!

  3. It must be so great to sleep in your own bed in your own home. Prison is a bad place to be.

  4. That prison must have tuckered you out. Hope you got caught up on your rest.


  5. We love the pictures of you snoozing. You're sooo cute. We had a cold day here (in the middle of our summer). We're going to call it sympathy pains for your winter cold because we know that it will be warm here again soon.