Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cool day

To cool off - may I recommend a bath!

Today the weather has turned cooler and the rain is back. A couple of warm and sunny days were never going to last at the end of winter. We hope you all had a relaxing Sunday. Most of you are northern hemisphere cats and appear to be sweltering in the heat. Ahhh heat - I remember it well.

Today is 2 years since mums mum died. Nana B was only 61 when she died, but she had been sick for a long time. Lucky mum was able to get home to be with her when she died. Her brother and sister in law were also there and gdad had taken the kids to the park. That would have been how nan would have wanted it. So mum is not especially sad today - she misses her mum every day.

This is one of mums favourite pictures. It is off Gdad and mums brother holding mum (she was just a baby then!!). Mum knows that nana B must have been taking the picture. Therefore it is one of my mums favourite pictures of her mum - as that must have been what nana B was seeing that day. Her family - all together.
Poppy Q


  1. Oh Poppy Q. that is a lovely photo of you in the tub. We're sorry about the anniversary of your mum's mum going to the bean rainbow bridge. That must be very hard for her but we are glad she is not too sad but focusing on the happy memories. That is a great photo!
    Many warm purrs to you and your mum today!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  2. It is very very hot here. Too hot for strollering because even at 6:00 AM it is already 80 degrees and 98% humidity. Yeck!

    I am glad that on this important anniversary your mom can look back with happiness instead of sadness. I think that is what your Nana would want.

  3. My nanna has been gone since 2001, when I first came to live here with her bean. She took me in after nana when to the bean bridge. I am a lucky old cat....nobody wants an old cat who is grumpy...and I am. Yesterday mommy was grumpy....we had lots in common:)
    I like old B & W photos like yours....the soothe the soul.
    Hugs & Purrrrs from the HOT side of the earth!

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