Thursday, July 5, 2007

Naughty Blogger/ Chicken necks.

Naughty Blogger won't let us bring any pictures into todays post. So we thought we would tell a story - a true story.

One day long long ago - my mum had some family visitors coming to stay. She had bought a new bed for the visitors to stay on. When she bought it at the bed shop the man had said she would have to put it together herself. That sounded ok. When she got it home she realised how much fun trying to erect a bed frame by herself was. She had to support all the side pieces and screw them in. Let me say there was a fair bit of cursing coming out of the spare room.

When the bed was finally all done she put freshly washed linen on it and made it look all nice.

Enter one pussy cat who had dined out on a very unusual dinner. Chicken necks - ugly as anything, but good for pusssycats teeth. Ohh ohhh mum, what were you thinking? Don't let that cat in here!! (by the way it wasn't me!!!). Mum thought that since the chicken necks were eatern four hours earlier all was safe. Alas no!!! The bed got christened by that pussycat.

So after a long and tired night, mum had to take all the linen off the bed and wash it all. She had to get up super early to get to the shops to buy a new duvet as well. But the visitors were happy and they liked mums new bed.

If mum gives me any chicken necks I only allowed two and I have to eat them outside. And the door to the spare room is always closed.

Poppy Q


  1. Those sound furry delicious. Mom doesn't let me have any chicken bones though ... What do you suggest that I try in order to get some?


  2. This is a good story Poppy Q. Firstly because it's good to throw up occasionally to get rid of fur and stuff but also because it makes the humans know who's boss!


  3. I wish to try a chicken neck, too!

  4. That's a good story. Our mommy has had to change a lot of linens too!

  5. Those chicken necks sounds yummy, but I am not allowed. Dang!

  6. Hi Poppy Q, I nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger too! Come see me at my blog!

  7. Haha that wuz funny, but I bet yer mum didn't fink so. We haf nefurr tried chicken necks, we'll haf to tell mum about them.