Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't forget about my competition

Now I know that lots of my blogger friends have already entered - but just a reminder to everycat.

I am having a 100th post competition. In honour of my 100th post coming up I need you!!!

The rules:

- You must be a cat blogger to enter.

- You can enter one time each. If there are 10 of you at home you can all enter separetly.

- Putting the baby bean in cats ears do not count Monty Q!!!

- Just say Hi in my comments and tell me you want to enter.

-You can enter between now and my one hundreth post.

- Then we will draw a lucky cat blogger winner!! You will win cat treats and maybe a treat for you to share with your bean!! (my teddy bear is not in the prize package - sorry!!)

Good luck everycat!!!

Poppy Q


  1. I fink we already entered, Poppy, but we comment again just in case - Minxy, Ebbie and I (Muffin) wud lyke to enter . . . Minxy and I haf decided that if we win den we will gif Ebbie da prize to see if dat helps her not be so grumpy. We luffs her lots, really, efun if she doesn't want us too.

  2. Wow, 100th post, this is gonna be exciting! would like to enter??? Please? Are we doin' it right?

    ~Donny, Marie and Casey

  3. I'd like to enter Poppy! And I love your Teddy!

  4. Oh, how exciting! 100 posts is a lot!

    I would like to enter, Poppy. Thank you!


  5. I'm telling you, little Sis, I live with 342 other cats. Honest.

  6. 100th post is so cool. I'd like to enter too Poppy!! Thank yu.


    P.S yu are verrry pretty.

  7. I am pretty sure I already entered, but just in case, I will tell you officially, now!

    Poppy Q, does your fur feel especially soft? Because you look so plush!

  8. Hi! I want to enter! Lets see, I think your post will be.... August 1st at noon!

    I agree with Daisy, you look extra special soft.

  9. Yes I would like to enter also Poppy Q! Do I need toguess a date? If so, it is August 3 at 12 noon your time zone!

  10. Wow! 100 posts. That's a lotta work. I'd like to enter!

  11. You are having a great contest, Poppy Q. :) I would like to enter. :)

  12. We would like to enter, too, please.

    Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey