Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meme from Parker

Meme from Parker - thanks Parker!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I am not even a year old - so I don't know.

What were you doing a year ago?

See above answer.

5 snacks you enjoy.

Friskees, custard (yummy), luncheon meat, ham and moths.

5 Songs you know all the words to.

Mum knows most of the words to lots of songs and will sing them to me, but not in public. Her favourite songs this week from her ipod are, (she is not sure she knows all the words to all of them):

Waiting on the world to change (John Mayer), How to save a life (the fray), Gone Going (Jack Johnson), Hurt (Johnny Cash) and Chasing Cars (snow patrol).

5 Things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Buy me and my mummy a house, send mum on holiday somewhere warm, sponser some cages at the SPCA to look after cats, buy mum a shop where I can go and sleep in every day and look after my family.

5 bad habits.

Mum tells me I am a very well behaved kitten, but I do occasionally like to scratch the curtains, bite mums toes when they in the bed, runaway when she is trying to pat me, miow while she has her shower and pull the phone cords so the phone falls down (not my fault the catnip mouse ran in their to hide from me!!!).

5 things I enjoy doing.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping. Especially now it is really cold. I spend all night snuggled up next to my mum.

Patrolling - got to check around the house a couple of times every evening and morning. When it is summer I sometimes stay out really late.

Sitting in the bath - it is so nice and cool in the summer to sit in the empty bath.

Eating treats - I eat friskees treats sitting on my mums knee.

Chasing things - mousies, moths and any thing that runs around and could fit in my mouth.

5 things I will never wear again.

I am a cat - I don't wear anything except my collar.

5 Favourite toys.

Scarf, feather stick (green, blue and pink ones), catnip mouse, teddy bear and ballpoint pens.

We have to pass the meme on - we choose the famous five + 1. They can answer all together.


  1. Gosh Poppy, that is one sweet face you have there! My Mommy wants to smooch it! Thanks for letting us learn more about you!

  2. Good annsers Poppy. I like sleeping in the baff too, and mum leaves the tap dripping cuz it's the only water I like to drink. Well apart furrom rain puddles.

  3. MomBean, stop trying to kiss Poppy! Show some restraint, Woman!

  4. Poppy I just have to say that you are just about the cutest kitty I know (well of course next to the furballs, but they don't count because they're family). I love your answers.

  5. I never got to try custard before. I would like some. I am going to ask my Mommie.

  6. Hi there Poppy! It's hot where I live. It's hard to imagine anyone needing an electric blanket right now, but we understand that you do live in New Zeland, so that does make sense. I wish I could send you some hot air your way. I'd love to have some cool weather for a change. Nice meeting you, Poppy! Don't give up your prime bed location. You deserve it, cuz you're a cat.