Thursday, July 12, 2007

One for Monty Q Mombean

This one is especially for Monty Qs mombean - kiss kiss to you to. It is my sleepy kittycat face.
Poppy Q
P.S mum pushed me off for a minute so she could add a bit. She knows there have been lots of sadness this year with lots of kittycats finishing their lives with their families. Mum thinks though, that by learning about dying - we are really learning about living.
She read this post tonight by the great Laurie at her fab website Crazy Aunt Purl. Mum was going to comment but this post already had over eleven hundred comments on it!! So she thought she would publish the link to it here as she thought that other cat bloggers might like to read it. This is Lauries post to her cat Roy The Story Of Roy .
Please be warned - you may need a tissue.
We sure think that Roy found a great home with Laurie.


  1. Oh for heavens, sake, Woman. I hope you aren't wearing any lip gloss or HeBean is going to be furious when the monitor is ruined.

    ...she doesn't smootch me like that...

  2. You are so cute Poppy! Love those little cheeks of yours, hehee! Make sure you check out Kat's Cat of the Day today!! ;)

  3. My eyes are leaking after reading the story of Roy. Your mom is smart. I think you do learn about living from things like this. Or at least it teaches you how precious each life is, and not to waste a single moment.