Sunday, August 31, 2014

Service as Normal

Today is the last day of winter here in Kiwiland, and we got a touch of spring with some glorious sunshine and a warm day.  Mum even left her jacket at home and threw off the boots and tights and put her plimsolls on to enjoy a bit of warmness.  She and miss Belle had a good sleep in and then went for  a little lunch and a wander round town before miss Belle caught the bus home.

Hope you all had a lovely old day - enjoy the last day of August, almost time for the ber months!!!


Caturday is now over here in kiwiland.  It was a good day, a bit cool in the shade but bouts of blue skies sprinkled with clouds.  Mum let her teenage visitor have a sleep in, and the ladies were ready to head out at midday.  They wandered off for  a walk and visited a bakery first to get a cronut and some sushi for lunch.  Teenage shopping was in order, so mum did lots of waiting around and bag holding, but the girls had fun in the city.

They decided to have some dinner at a local restaurant, which they enjoyed much more than Friday nights dinner.  They were home by 7pm for a few movies on the couch.  All good wholesome fun.

Me - I hung out on the back deck for most of the day enjoying the sun and cool breezes.  A perfect Caturday.  Hope you all have fun too!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Snuggles

Mum took her niece miss Belle out into town for the evening.  Mum took her to a Mexican restaurant in town.  Boy it was noisy, and the food was a disappointment.  The cheesy chilli dip mum had dreamed of for months was a bit bland and not spicy at all and the chips weren't salty enough and seemed a bit stale.  Mum ordered the chicken enchiladas which she forgot came smothered in a mole sauce that mum doesn't like, preferring them in a tomato sauce and cheese.  The whole place was super smoky from all the food, and so they were glad to finish up and leave.    Mum won't be back in a hurry.

Mum and miss Belle did get down the street before they realised the restaurant had forgotten to charge them for the drinks they had.  It was only ten minutes after dinner that mum had to urgently visit a bathroom as the food upset her, and had felt a little bit sick for a while.

Not sick enough to not share some candy floss with Miss Belle.  The lady on the candy floss machine told them that she had a gastric bypass and her surgeon hated her new job!!  Mum and Belle then went around the light show installation around the capital city harbour which was pretty and have now come home to watch Good Will Hunting.

Me - I have been snuggled up all night on mums bed catching up on my sleeps.  Happy sleeps to you all.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have been showing our visitor my not impressed face.  It is our niece miss Belle - who has stayed with us lots before.  That still means another person sharing my couch and my bed.  Oh well.  Mum is happy that she has  come for a visit at the weekend.   Two lots of  visitors in a week - oh my!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Now mum realises that she is middle aged, and technology is not her friend.  She has been frustrated that the ipod she has had for four years is now not getting recognised by her computer, and that she has to now reload everything to get it to work - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  It doesn't help that she dropped it in my fancy feast a couple of years ago and it doesn't turn off and on.  It still usually works though, so mum is too tight to replace it.  First world problems.

A nice little sleep in today was nice as mum heads to work for the afternoon.  Time for a couple of chores and fast forwarding through a couple of tv shows to get the DVR cleared - bliss.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Got My Bed Back

I got my bed back.  But now I don't want it.  I've moved to your room and sleeping on your fleecy sheets.

It was a chilly night last night, so I snuggled in on mums bed all night, so she didn't  have to worry about me getting cold outside.  This morning our family packed up and headed home - it was just a quick little visit.  Mum says though to be prepared, as we are having another visitor this week.  What a busy time!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Visitor Sunday

 We have visitors staying with us tonight.  Big Uncle and sister in law have come for a visit after they went to a friends party.  It is a cold day and night so heaters have been on inside, but I have spent most of the time outside in the chilly air.
I did venture inside for a couple of quick visits, and even managed an hour hiding in mums bedroom.  They have gone to bed now, so I have snuck in and told mum that I do not like visitors, especially ones that sleep in my bedroom.  Mum said I shouldn't worry so  much and she enjoys having family to stay!!

Hope you don't get kicked out of your bedrooms tonight!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sleepy Caturday

Today was a very quiet sleepy Caturday.  The mumster went off to work at 9am this morning, and she managed to get back at 6pm to scoff down her dinner for twenty minutes before heading back to work til 10:30pm.  So she was glad to get home and see me.  So the heater is on and she is doing a few chores before hitting the bed with her book for  a bit of reading.

Hope you are having more fun than we had today.  The good thing is that mum gets to have two days off now to enjoy with me!!!

Happy Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thank You Sparkle

Thank you sweet Sparkle for making our days brighter with your wisdom and advice.    We send hugs across the oceans to your family at this tough time.  Their hearts must be broken.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Holy cow batman it's cold here in the capital city tonight.  Mum drew the curtains after she raced home from work.  Heaters are turned on, but they aren't making a dent in the near freeziness tonight, so mum is going to curl up in bed with her book soonish.  That is after the dishes are done, and mum has dried her tears.  There was the final part of the two part INXS special drama on tv tonight.  Although most of it was boring, the end made her sad, even though she knew what was coming.  She always wishes she got to see INXS in concert back in the day.  She is showing her age.

Friday tomorrow which will be good.  Then we have a nice weekend planned and hopefully the sun will be shining.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eclair Week

There has been a bake off competition at mums work.  It has gone on for four weeks, and each week there is a theme.  Mum has been on shift or been busy and missed the first three weeks, but today she got to be there for eclair week!!  So there were five lots of eclairs to taste and judge at morning tea.  Mum doesn't bake any more, she used to do some, but has lost her baking mojo now.   She was very appreciative of her colleagues efforts however.

So it was leftovers for dinner, a bit of parsnip and carrot mash and a small piece of steak.  Me I did the feast, and then I did the unheard of and came and snuggled next to mum on the couch just like my friend Miss Millie learned to do.  Amazing!!!  Mum wonders if I will ever do it again?!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spring Day Monday

Today was a glorious spring day.  Once the morning cool has worn off, the sun beats down strong and is slowly warming us up and we have longed to be warm for so long now.  Mum got to work early and of course had to work later than her leaving time, but she left in time to take a little stroll in the sunbeams.  We are forecast rain for the rest of the week, so it is good to enjoy it while it lasts.

She found two small steaks at an affordable price and cooked them up with some parsnip and carrot mash.  A simple and quick spring dinner with leftovers made for tomorrow night which is good.   A nice crunchy pear for dessert, which helps with mums fruit and veg quota.  I wish I could say I had some steak, but I don't like the people food and stick to my crunchies and fancy old feast.

Hope your week has started well too.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Shopping with Poppy Q

We found these awesome cat bets from a seller Jenn Gv on ETSY.  They can attatch to any window and take weights of up to 30 pounds - that's two of me.  Unfortunately where we live now doesn't have any suitable windows (ours are doors that have little panes in them), otherwise this would be perfect.  The clever seller has a range of fabrics available and will custom make them too.  We did notice that this week she is on vacation, but will be back soon.

So besides shopping, today I sent the mumster out for a walk.  It was sunny and she was glad to get some fresh air.  She stopped and got some fresh candles and had a lovely chocolate eclair from a bakery  ohh laa laa!!  She said it was nice, but me I don't like cream.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday - smooches to you all.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Casual Caturday

                                                        Anne Emond

How you doing Caturday kitties?  We spied this on a blog visit  and thought it was a pretty good representation of what goes on around here.

Oh my gosh mum was glad that it is the weekend.  By the time she got home last night she realised how tired she was, although she still didn't sleep till 2am - sigh.  So the alarm clock got turned off and mum let her body clock wake her up at 8.30am.  She then had a shower and did a few jobs round the house, and decided to avoid town and not spend money today.  Although a pleasant phone call from a bestie enticed her into town.

 Every year our town does a special two weeks of dining specials and every year mum and the besties have said they would go - and then they never get around to it.  So tonight they ventured out to a student joint - The Southern Cross Pub to have their special lamb burger, which was ok but a bit boring and mum says only worth a 3/5.  The funny thing was for a young person hangout there were two fiftieth birthday parties happening in different areas of the venue.  As soon as mum and her friend sat down, the waitress plonked a large sign on the table to say that the table was reserved at 8:45pm, without a polite word spoken.  Little did she know that two middle aged ladies on a Saturday night, in a noisy place full of mainly youngsters, could drink and dine super fast, they were seated at 6:45pm and heading for home by 8pm (for mum that is a late night out).

Me - well I did some relaxing at home, keeping the floof at an even level.  Hope you all had a fun Caturday too.

Friday, August 15, 2014


We are hoping to see some sunbeams this weekend although secretly mum would be quite happy to stay home with me and her stack of books.  She has stocked up with some bread, and minestrone soup and lots of fresh fruit, so doesn't have to venture far.  Tonight her feet were sore from a six day stretch at work, so she curled up on the couch next to me and explained what was happening on the television.  I let her ramble on - it helped me sleep.

We were glad to see that the little tree outside our place, with lovely pink blossoms on it was still standing this morning.  Intense winds overnight could have snapped it in half, but the winds must have been blowing the right way.  It was a noisy night though as the old house creaked around.

So hope you get a relaxing evening in too everybody.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stormy Sleepy Thursday

 Sorry you didn't get to hear from us on Wordless Wednesday.  Mum had a long day at work and then was on call at night and was busy.  She was just about to post and her phone rang.  Luckily today was easier and she has been lazy all night, just chilling and doing nothing.  She promises that this weekend she will make the bed in the spare room so she tells me to enjoy the mattress sleeping while I can.
Mum was eating her lunch at 2pm and noticed it was dark outside the work window.  This storm was a rolling on in, and she watched the hail pour down and some lightening and big peels of thunder.  It did roll over pretty quick, but it has dropped the temperature, so it is all quilts on the bed tonight for her.

She is looking forward to a full nights sleep in bed.  She has been going to bed earlier and trying lights out by midnight.  How bout you ladies and gents?  Sleeping well?  Getting your seven hours in?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Double Roll

Do we like the double rolls (toilet paper that is) - why yes we do!!!  Mum thinks the double rolls are the best thing as she was constantly feeling like she was changing them.

Today we got some spring sunshine - so I was doing the old double rolls around outside.  Till mum went to work, and when it rained in the evening.

So sad about Robin Williams - such an incredible man and how sad that he had to leave us far too soon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sleepy Spot

Mum has been airing the bed over the weekend - such a cosy spot to rest and close my eyes.

We were reading our friend Kims post where she mentioned us.  We had talked a few days ago about running out of toilet paper.  They stocked up cos we stocked up, and mum checked before she went to work this afternoon and there were only three left.  So she did a quick visit to the supermarket after work to buy some more.  She wishes we had more storage and she would buy in bulk and be happy if she could have a hundred rolls at home - just in case there is a toilet emergency.  Anyways she will make do with her 12 rolls.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Shopping with Poppy Q

The mumster had to go to work today, so I pulled out the laptop and went browsing for some Christmas shopping goodies.  You know, ordering things off the internets may take a little while to get to your country, so you have to start early.   I found this lovely little cat bed from a seller Elevele on ETSY.  She makes them in Lithuania in a choice of 20 colours.   A perfect spot to curl up in and mum even likes them - quite styley for a cat bed.  This one I might actually sleep in (I have a poor record of refusing to sleep in any bed that mum specifically buys for that purpose).

Now apparently Lithuania must be cat central - cos we found these awesome cat scratches on ETSY again from Meow For Cats Shop  I think they are very stylish and I find it difficult to choose which one I like the best.  I love the colours and the stylish prints and think that it would look very snazzy at my pad.

So I'll be saving up some dollars and seeing if I can borrow the mumsters credit card for a sneaky little internet shop.

Thanks to the two fantastic ETSY sellers who said it was ok to show the pictures of their great stuff on here - so I can share them with all my friends.  Happy Sunday shopping to you all!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cool Caturday

Wow - we can't believe our Caturday is almost over.  Many of you are just waking up and we wish you a happy Caturday - have some fun on your special day!!

We had a little sleep in, as it was frosty cold here this morning, although the midday sun warmed up everywhere for a couple of hours.  Mum managed to rush to the post office and then the market to get a good supply.  She doesn't like to buy fruit and veg that has sat in the rain for hours as often it doesn't last as long.  This week was leeks, parsnips, pumpkin, swede, carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes.

A good warming roasty dinner was made.  Mum put some chicken legs in an oven bag with some salt, pepper, fresh lemon and paprika and then baked some sweet potatoe and pumpkin at the same time and did some carrots with lemon butter.  She said it was yummy - I'll take her word for it as I don't like the people food at all - I had a fancy feast for my supper.

I took myself off to bed really early tonight to keep warm. Mum did a pile of dishes and then watched a bit of tele, and is going to read some more of her book.  What a crazy Saturday night for us!!!

Hope you all enjoy your Caturday and do something fun!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Murphys Law

Hahaha - just to prove that I DO NOT look gorgeous in every shot!!!

Anyways after telling you all yesterday about our signs of spring, well we woke up to sunshine that lasted only til about 8am and then a cold old southerly blast straight from Antarctica whizzed up and kicked us in the butt giving us chilly cold rain, that meant mum had to pull out her gloves and hat to wander around.  We can barely complain though, as our near freezing temperature is rare.  One of our friends asked about our mild weather, and we are lucky here.  We had snow a couple of years ago for one day, and that was the first snow in our city for forty years!!  Our spring doesn't start til September, but the trees are blossoming already, spring lambs are being born (in the countryside) and daffodils and other bulbs are popping up in the garden.

So the mumster got up early and met a bestie for brunch and a couple of film festival movies, which was a lovely treat on a day out.  She even put her gloves on and walked home, as the rain just stopped then and the sun came out, so she was glad of some fresh air.  She is also busy listening to Ted Talks Podcasts, which are awesome.  A few minutes of learning about interesting stuff.   A night at home with me was in order and we even sat on the couch together for 10 minutes or so which surprised mum.

Last night - even though she promised an early night again it was a 01:30 bedtime - tsk tsk.  So tonight, mum is tired, and will be heading off early - cross your paws for her.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Signs of Spring

Not only are the blossoms arriving on the trees, and daffodils are rising up, but I have moved into the spare room for my sleeps, which is a sign on spring.  Or that the mumster tosses and turns too much for my liking.  Mum was in the little spare room stripping the bed to air it out and I decided it would be much better with some furs on it.

We have had a lovely evening with some nice dinner for mum of a Pork steak + mashed potato + peas and a fancy old feast for me.  A little bit of tele was watched - mum she likes the Modern Family and  Move to the Country.  Then she is sticking by her plan to be in bed earlier, tonight it will be midnight but that's ok, better than 1.30/2am that she has been going to bed.

So nite nite everyone - hope you get good sleeps tonight.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving and Sleeping

Here I am stealing the mumster spot on the bed, all snuggled in against the cold.  Last night was frosty, but today was full of sunshine and mum saw some blossoms while she was out and about.  She bought exciting things like a new shower curtain, flea treatments (I didn't know she has fleas) and some groceries.  Fresh Hoki fish and salad for dinner for her, and a feast for me.

So we are relaxing and getting ready for sleeping.  This middle aged lady sleeping business is not for suckers.  Mum is trying to cut a pattern she has of not going to sleep til 1.30 am and only getting four or five hours sleep.  This makes her grumpy in the afternoon and ready for a nap come 4pm.  So she is trying to hit the pillow by 11.30pm at the latest, even if she reads for a half hour or so, it still gives her a better sleep.

Oh - and she discovered the pedometer function on her ipod today.  She managed 8500 steps which she didn't think was too bad, as her feet were sore today.  Good on you mum.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Memories

Look at little me in the garden when I was an itty bitty kitty!!!  Now I am a bit girl cat that comes and hogs the bed when mum is sleeping.  I sometimes wait my time in the living room til I hear her snoring, then I can jump on the bed and find my spot without her tossing and turning.

It was nice to see some sunlight today, and our days are getting brighter in the morning and evening which is nice.  Mum might even try  hanging some washing out on the line tomorrow - exciting stuff!!!

Hope your week has started nicely.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Awesome Cat Beds (that I am unlikely to sleep in)

It was a cooler evening here, and as I was already passed out on the mumster bed, she went dream shopping online.  She found these awesome cat beds at KipPets on ETSY.  They are made in Canada and mum thinks they are all a bit groovey and modern.  Of course she has already tried 4 types of cat beds for me, all of which I refused to sleep in. Oh well a mum can dream!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cruisy Caturday

Today was a cruisy Caturday, living was easy.  Mum woke up earliesh and had a shower and a bit of brunch.  She did have plans to visit a bestie, but they got changed and the weather was sending gales and rain our way, so even though mum thought about a walk and thought about going to the supermarket, taking a nap and reading her book and staying in with me seemed the better plan.

So a few chores were done, and the fridge was raided for leftovers for lunch and dinner.  Luckily there were enough supplies in the house, and a good supply of toilet paper, so mum was happy.  Believer you me, we were down to one roll during the week - mum was not happy.  There could have been a toilet emergency and we don't carry any spare newspapers just in case.  Mum does wonder what people used hundreds of years ago?  Life is pretty easy now isn't it?

So hope you all had a lovely Caturday and had some fun.

Friday, August 1, 2014

On the Fence and Hello August

Hello August - after skiting about the mild weather yesterday, you have blown in with a bit of a bang today with high winds and rain.  Thanks though for waiting til mum had got home with the groceries, she was glad to get home in one piece.  Ohh ohh - mum was not too impressed when she saw me up on the fence.  It is a long drop down to the house next door, and she would rather I didn't do the fence walk.  She does know I have skills, as I used to do this at the other house we lived out, so I am not a novice.  Luckily tonight is too windy for me to be outside.  She timed how long I spend outside, and it was less than ten seconds and I raced straight back inside.  Oh and by the way, that house you see in the background with the red strip under the roof - turns out big uncle used to live there thirty years ago when he was a young man in the city.

Mum is feeling full, she made chicken+veg+noodles for dinner and had the best salad she thinks she has ever had for her lunch.  It was half roasted vegetable salad, and half green salad+chicken+bacon.  Yummo she says.  Me - I had the feast, so the world is good.