Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eclair Week

There has been a bake off competition at mums work.  It has gone on for four weeks, and each week there is a theme.  Mum has been on shift or been busy and missed the first three weeks, but today she got to be there for eclair week!!  So there were five lots of eclairs to taste and judge at morning tea.  Mum doesn't bake any more, she used to do some, but has lost her baking mojo now.   She was very appreciative of her colleagues efforts however.

So it was leftovers for dinner, a bit of parsnip and carrot mash and a small piece of steak.  Me I did the feast, and then I did the unheard of and came and snuggled next to mum on the couch just like my friend Miss Millie learned to do.  Amazing!!!  Mum wonders if I will ever do it again?!!!


  1. Keep her guessing Poppy!x Keep her guessing!
    Love eclair's, especially when the cream goes all over yer nose...! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, an eclair contains good things that cause humans to purrr. No doubt your mum was still purrrring when she settled down on the sofa...nice of you to join her.

  3. You lost our human at the post title, Eclair Week.

    She wants to know why there isn't a bake-off at her own office. LOL.

    As for the snuggling, it's wonderful to snuggle close to the human, Poppy, for scritches. :-)

  4. Good job on the snuggling. Now if you could talk Angel in to trying it!

  5. A fun event at work, but prob a good thing in a way you missed some bake offs. Hope poppy Q does a repeat performance.

  6. poppy q....sew what...mum dinna bring home any ecalirz....thatz knot fair....
    forget snugglin again then....N ya dinna heer thiz frum uz....

    signed anonymouz

  7. No cream from the eclairs? My cat Lucy would love the cream! Xxx

  8. Once a good snuggle has been had then we figure there will be a wanting for more.

  9. Our mom bean has led a sheltered life ...she's never even tasted an eclair. But she knows they would be yummy!

    We bets your mom was furry pleased to have you come and snuggle. We all likes to do that here and we lub it lots. Well, except mom when we all decide to pile on, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku