Saturday, August 16, 2014

Casual Caturday

                                                        Anne Emond

How you doing Caturday kitties?  We spied this on a blog visit  and thought it was a pretty good representation of what goes on around here.

Oh my gosh mum was glad that it is the weekend.  By the time she got home last night she realised how tired she was, although she still didn't sleep till 2am - sigh.  So the alarm clock got turned off and mum let her body clock wake her up at 8.30am.  She then had a shower and did a few jobs round the house, and decided to avoid town and not spend money today.  Although a pleasant phone call from a bestie enticed her into town.

 Every year our town does a special two weeks of dining specials and every year mum and the besties have said they would go - and then they never get around to it.  So tonight they ventured out to a student joint - The Southern Cross Pub to have their special lamb burger, which was ok but a bit boring and mum says only worth a 3/5.  The funny thing was for a young person hangout there were two fiftieth birthday parties happening in different areas of the venue.  As soon as mum and her friend sat down, the waitress plonked a large sign on the table to say that the table was reserved at 8:45pm, without a polite word spoken.  Little did she know that two middle aged ladies on a Saturday night, in a noisy place full of mainly youngsters, could drink and dine super fast, they were seated at 6:45pm and heading for home by 8pm (for mum that is a late night out).

Me - well I did some relaxing at home, keeping the floof at an even level.  Hope you all had a fun Caturday too.


  1. I do like it when Mum goes on about food Poppy!x
    When l've had a read and left a comment...I go off and get summat to eat..! Just a sandwich to~day, as it's lunchtime...Pasta, to~night with my very special sauce, that l'm famous for...(cough..cough). :).
    And, l'll probably enjoy all that out on the patio..Nice and warm at the mo!x

  2. Poppy, dear, it's sweet girl cats like you (and gentlemen toms like my PeekAbuTom and Simon B. McBogle) that invite tired, middle-aged ladies to stay home rather than eat out. Some humans are so rude!

  3. Hi Miss Poppy,
    Sounds like your Mum had a nice night out...except for the rude waitress. I think you had the right idea though, chillaxin' at home. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Wow! That was really rude of that waitress. I'm glad your human did not let that ruin her evening out.

  5. That cartoon made our mom bean laff. It's like that here too.

    Glad your mum had a nice time with her furriend even if the food wasn't the greatest (and the service too!)

    Have a great weekend Poppy and mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. And here we thought that cartoon was representative of our human. (Well, it is.)

    We hope you didn't tip that waitress much, bad service for mediocre fare. :-/

    BTW, it's 3:40 PM EDT here and our human is just getting up from an almost unprecedented 3-HOUR nap! Tired? She couldn't sleep after 2AM, never mind being awake till 2AM. LOL.

  7. What a rude waitress! We are glad your Mum didn't let it ruin her nice evening out with friends.

    And we are glad you got to chill out at home, Miss Poppy!

  8. Yeah, that's my photographic life, too. I take pictures of the weather sometimes, but otherwise it's always cats.