Friday, August 15, 2014


We are hoping to see some sunbeams this weekend although secretly mum would be quite happy to stay home with me and her stack of books.  She has stocked up with some bread, and minestrone soup and lots of fresh fruit, so doesn't have to venture far.  Tonight her feet were sore from a six day stretch at work, so she curled up on the couch next to me and explained what was happening on the television.  I let her ramble on - it helped me sleep.

We were glad to see that the little tree outside our place, with lovely pink blossoms on it was still standing this morning.  Intense winds overnight could have snapped it in half, but the winds must have been blowing the right way.  It was a noisy night though as the old house creaked around.

So hope you get a relaxing evening in too everybody.


  1. HeHe! Nothing like a good ramble to get to sleep Poppy!x
    And, guess what...They've just announced the top ten boys/girls names over here in the UK. And, the name Poppy has gone in for the first time at number seven..! :>).

  2. A weekend in with books and soup sounds wonderful. Enjoy your snugglefest!

  3. a weekend curled up with books sounds a dream

  4. Poppy, I think you and your human should do exactly whatever you want this weekend - you have earned it!

  5. poppy q.....tell mum ta enjoy her stax oh bookz any way !!! hope de weatherz haz calmed down...happee week oh end…heerz ta yellowbanded perch in everee bowl ♥

  6. Our mum finds that windy nights put her to sleep! She finds something soothing about wild winds and storms.
    There's nothing wrong spending the weekend relaxing. Your mum needs to take care of herself so she can do her job well and help others. If you look at it that way, a sleepy weekend doesn't sound indulgent at all.