Sunday, August 3, 2014

Awesome Cat Beds (that I am unlikely to sleep in)

It was a cooler evening here, and as I was already passed out on the mumster bed, she went dream shopping online.  She found these awesome cat beds at KipPets on ETSY.  They are made in Canada and mum thinks they are all a bit groovey and modern.  Of course she has already tried 4 types of cat beds for me, all of which I refused to sleep in. Oh well a mum can dream!!


  1. HaHa! Just silly things that companies make, thinking that pussy~cats love to sleep in.
    Bestest place is on the the bed with Mum, Poppy!x.
    At least it's warmer...! :>).

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  2. Poppy, dear, think how pretty you'd pose for blog pix in one of those gorgeous beds! Mums like to see their kitties in pretty beds, just like they like to see their kids in nice clothes for the official family photos.

  3. That must be a cat model. No sane cat would sleep on one of those. We will only sleep on mommy's bed and on most of her blankie. You're right Poppy. Your mom's bed is the only place to be.

  4. Fun post. The crew here prefer boxes.

  5. OMC! I love that green one! Jenna absolutely positively cannot have anymore beds. My sister says it looks like I have a few cats in the apartment instead of just one.

  6. Mommy is rude and says we'd only PEE in them!

  7. What San said!!!!
    Mum's bed or a cardboard box it is for us.

  8. Ya can send em to me, I'd sleep in em.

  9. Now that I am an elderly girl, I do appreciate a comfy cat bed. They all look lovely. Meow, Jessica

  10. Like you, my Wiggles will not sleep in a cat bid although I confess I've only tried one. I tried a Martha Stewart cat bed (it had catnip in it and she said her cats adored it!) and Wiggles never touched it.

    Lately, I've seen a really fancy dog bed that would be perfect for a cat bed. It's really expensive but a Mum can dream right? If you google, "Soft Surroundings Floral Swag Dog Bed and Cushion" it will come up with a luxurious Louis XV inspired dog bed.

    Poppy Q you are right however...there is no better place to sleep than on Mum's bed. My Wiggles sleeps on top of me for an hour or two then goes to the bottom of the bed and sleeps near my feet so I can't move all night:)

  11. Well, some of mum's purchases have been hits, other misses. Some of her free or self made are better. But nothing is better than curling up with mum herself.

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