Sunday, August 31, 2014


Caturday is now over here in kiwiland.  It was a good day, a bit cool in the shade but bouts of blue skies sprinkled with clouds.  Mum let her teenage visitor have a sleep in, and the ladies were ready to head out at midday.  They wandered off for  a walk and visited a bakery first to get a cronut and some sushi for lunch.  Teenage shopping was in order, so mum did lots of waiting around and bag holding, but the girls had fun in the city.

They decided to have some dinner at a local restaurant, which they enjoyed much more than Friday nights dinner.  They were home by 7pm for a few movies on the couch.  All good wholesome fun.

Me - I hung out on the back deck for most of the day enjoying the sun and cool breezes.  A perfect Caturday.  Hope you all have fun too!!!


  1. Glad you had a bit of sun Poppy!x
    Looks as though your putting your best paw forward there!

    I've just watched a nature program on the Long Finned Eel..Lives on your south island over there.
    Little bit frightening...Horrid thing, big and nasty...Don't think l'll be having fish for tea..! :>)>

  2. Glad that your mum's tummy is feeling better.
    Sounds like a perfect day for beans and kitties alike. We're just beginning our Caturday here!

  3. Sounds like a busy Caturday for Mum.

    Hope you girls have an easy Sunday.

  4. It sounds like your human and her guest had a much better time than yesterday! I still think you had the best plan for the day.

  5. What a lovely caterday. We went down to Philip Island for lunch and then back home to relax. Bella stayed home and looked after the place for us lol

  6. We watched mum work, then showers, sun, showers, more sun.

  7. Mommy says the cronut sounds delish...wait, so does The Baby!

  8. That sounds like a busy Caturday to us! We did lots of sleeping, a little playing and some eating. Mom too, MOL

    Have a great easy Sunday Poppy and mum.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku