Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grey Girl

Mum is drawn to the grey she must say, as you may have noticed.  It is a great neutral and mum is hopeless with white things.  Her besties have white couches, and mum is nervous about sitting on them and leaving some dirty smears.  Because this is the 3rd house we have lived in together it is always good to have simple neutral furniture that can fit into any house.

She is thinking about some new cushions this year to brighten the couch up for the summer.  A cheap and simple way to make our pad look flash!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Monday

The middle aged mumster hauled her body out of bed at 9am this morning.  She was glad of the sleep in, she needed to catch up on her zzzzzs.  I caught some morning sunbeams while she ate her morning bagel.  Some loads of washing were done and put on the line, although mum was dubious that they would dry as there were large clouds gathering.

After trying on several outfits, her usual tshirt, cardi, jeans and a scarf were picked and mum was off.   She headed into town, and did a quick visit to a couple of lady shops and then she went to the movies to see Walking the Camino, a documentary about walking the 800km Camono de Santiago in Spain.  Mum enjoyed it, and it did give her a bit of wanderlust, but she knows that she is unlikely to head that further afield.  Oh and the not shampooing your hair for a month, the blisters and the sleeping next to so many snoring/farting strangers might not be her.

Mum then went for a bit more of a walk and visited on of her favorite places, the library where she found the book she wanted - score!!!  Then she sat in the sun for a while and waited for her lovely niece.  They went for a little walk and mum and her shared a drink and bowl of fries together and caught up on what has happened in their lives lately.

The mumster then thought she should walk the hill home.  Heck if those people could walk 800km she could walk up the hill home (she does it all the time, but it is a bit of a climb).  Home and the washing was dry, so mum bought it in and got me my feast.  She had a quick dinner and now time to watch the Masterchef kiwi final.  One of mums colleagues son is in the final two - how exciting!!  HE JUST WON !!!!  Good on you Tim!!!!

So mum enjoyed her day off - but back to work tomorrow.  Now it is the time to head to bed early as mum has a 7am start at work, which is early for her and she is tired.  She has a good book to read - so time for us to snuggle.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Work is Over Rover

Mum worked real hard over the weekend, but it is over rover (although as she types this she can hear the hospital helicopter flying over the house as she types this), and now somebody else has the work cell phone.  Mum spent about ten hours at work today and thirteen yesterday, then we switched to daylight savings overnight, so she lost an hours sleep which was tough.

So Monday is Mumsday!!!  She doesn't have to wake up to the alarm clock and can do as she pleases.  We hope that there are sunbeams, as there were finally some today after weeks of grey clouds.  She is going to put some nice clothes on, find something tasty to eat and find something fun to do!!

Me - well I am going to hunt out a sunbeam and catch up on my beauty sleeps.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Movie Night

While mum is working I has been catching up on watching movies on You Tube - Enjoy!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Raspberry Friday

Teh he he!!  Mum laughed when she got this photo!!! What you up to lads and ladies?  The Mumster is having a middle aged lady night at home.  That means the washing machine is spinning and she is sitting on the couch with an her casual clothes on and an apron over the top.  There were prawns and veg stir fried with some noodles and maybe a bit too many chilli flakes tonight.  Me - I feasted a la feast for my dinner and got some new temptation treats.

The mumster has to work this weekend - so we apologize if we miss Caturday - a girls got to earn some pennies to pay for feasting.  Oh and she realized that she was a little tired today.  When she was half way to work she realized that she had eye liner on but no mascara.  She didn't look too bad though when she checked the mirro, she just went with it.

Hope you are all heading towards a lovely weekend.  Plan something fun - treat yourselves!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Purple Purse

Mum got this purple leather handbag several weeks ago.  I loves it.  Anytime she opens it up or puts it on the ground I run up and sniff it and roll around on it.  Last night she let me snuggle it on the bed - as long as I kept my claws tucked in and didn't do any bunny kicks on it.  She kept telling me to be gentle and I was.  So I got a twenty minute nap on the bag and implanted a bit of my special Poppy Q smells on it.  If you have been reading our blog for a while you may know of my love for big uncles leather hat,  Now I may have a new replacement.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Late?

Mmmm Mmmm dinner at 11pm again tonight, but it is the last late night this week, at least til the weekend.  I sure am glad when mum gets home, I follow her round and wait for her to come to bed with me, as I like to snuggle up with her.  Then we will have sweet dreams til the morning.

Hope you have all had a good day!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Late Wait

It was a close to midnight dinner tonight.  The mumster was on an afternoon shift which was nice as the weather was terrible today.  Howling wind and rain all day and chilly.  All the better to stay in her dressing gown for the morning and watch the rerun of the All Black Vs Argentina at the Rugby World Cup.  Dishes and washing was done, but generally it was a take it easy morning.

Work wasn't too bad, mum got a few groceries on the way home and now is ready to catch up on a couple of shows before sleep.

Sweet Dreams everybuddy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Cinema

The sleep experiment is going quite well for the mumster.  She went to sleep round midnight last night and even though sumbuddy furry woke her up at 6am, 6.30am, 7am and 7.30am she finally chose to arise just after 8am.  Shower and breakfast were done earlier than usual on a Sunday, so mum took herself off to the cinema to see Everest.  A story familiar to most New Zealanders, it is the story about the fatal summit of Mt Everest in 1996, by a team led by Kiwi climber Rob Hall.  Due to a collection of poor decisions and bad weather 8 climbers died.  It certainly bought a tear to this middle aged ladies eye and she did enjoy it.

The weather here in the city was a reminder that winter has still got a wee bit in its tail, sending us some chilly wet and windy business.  So after mum got some groceries she headed home to warm up the heaters and read her book.

Dinner for me was a feast and for her some rice and butter chicken and vegetables.  Last week she was tossing and turning at night, too hot with the quilts on, and tonight everything has been layered back onto the bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday and got some relaxing done.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cold Caturday

After a week of spring and a few nights where the quilts on the bed were tossed aside, we got a touch of the cold weather today with chilly wind and rain.  Mum ventured out to lunch with a friend that was visiting from out of town, a quick walk round and then she came home, pulled the curtains and turned the heaters on.

I have filled my tummy and retreated to the bedroom and us girls might have ourselves a lovely early night, catch up on all that sleep that mum has been moaning about all week.

Mum is watching the Bourne Legacy on the tele that she recorded some time ago.  A bit of a snooze fest, and boy Alaska looks awfully chilly.  She wouldn't want to fight a wolf either.

Enjoy your Caturday - do something fun!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Well the family didn't float away.  NZ did not get much of a tsunami - just a few little waves, so were lucky.  Poor Chile looks like it got a bit of destruction from their earthquake.

Mum didn't have too bad a night at work, but not much sleep and a bad headache.  I helped her out by looking at the garden while she put the washing on the line.  She had to go to work for the afternoon, so I caught up on my sleeps and warmed up the bed.

Tonight us aold ladies are just chilling out on the couch and not doing much.  Relaxing is the order of the day.  Mum has a book to start and plans for the weekend already, so a she is awaiting a good nights sleep.

Hope you all have a good Friday too.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Float Away

Image source:  Star Advertiser

Mum rang the family tonight to check they were ok and put all the valuables up high, and maybe they would be ready to head for the hills tonight, just in case they float away.  After todays earthquake in Chile, some waves might be heading our way.   Luckily where we live shouldn't be affected, and Eastern coastal regions might expect some waves tonight.  Mum always worries - she has watched too many scary videos of Tsunamis on Youtube.

Mum is back on call tonight - then she gets to have the weekend off and relax.  She is ready for some relaxing and fun - me too!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So mums plan last night was to go to bed early, which was  thwarted by moi. Mum had just relaxed and was just asleep when I jumped up on her and sat on her arm.  Boom - she was wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep til 3am.  So she figured out that since last Thursday she has had a total of 9 hours sleep in four nights.  Better luck tonight mum.

She also cooked up her dinner last night, and all she could smell all night were sausages.  They were just plain pork ones, but the smell hung round our house all night and even when she went to work today she could smell the scents lingering round.  Eau de pork sausage!!!  I wouldn't mind wearing that scent!

Monday, September 14, 2015


Mum is tired, she felt like she was going to cry when she had to go to work today cos she was so exhausted, but it could have been the lady hormones making her emotional rather than sheer exhaustion. She is better now she has chowed down on her dinner and got to watch a bit of kiwi Masterchef and light some candles. Some washing was done and mum got to watch the Antiques Roadshow and some other shows, just chilling out.  Dinner was her usual parsnip/carrot/swede mash with some nice pork sausages, some peas and corn and gravy.  Tasty.  I enjoyed my feast too - double tasty.

Thanks for the concern about Mums niece.  We don't have any dangerous spiders (or snakes or other nasties) here in Kiwiland, and mum does think that the bite looked like a mozzie bite, although the doctor said she couldn't be too sure what bit her.  A two hour wait at the after hours GP was fine.  It was not urgent and we were a low priority.  This winter there has been a terrible virus going round, and there were lots of sick kids at the GP, they took first priority.  Miss said she is feeling better today, although the antibiotics have made her feel a bit yuck.

Hope your week has started well, and you are all get some time to relax on your Monday too.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Aunty Superpowers

Mums aunty superpowers were called upon today.  Miss Uni student texted to say she though she had a spider bite and think she needed a doctor, then there was a text from sister in law.  Luckily mum was up and showered and she met up with Miss and took her to the after hours.  Only a two hour wait to see the doctor, and Miss is all fixed up with antibiotics and rest for her leg.  Mum took her out to lunch and then headed home to take it easy.

Mums work wasn't too bad last night.  She got home at 4am and got some sleep this morning, but she will be glad when it comes 8am tomorrow morning, and the phone can finally be turned off.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Caturday Catch Up

So yesterday/overnight went like this for mum:

  • Work 2.30pm-10.30pm then mum went for a quick visit to the supermarket on the way home.
  • Off to bed at 1pm after a little read.
  • Work phone goes off  at 1.45 am so mum heads in, and is back in bed at 4am.
  • Phone goes again at 4.30am.  Mum is surprised that leaving work at 7am that it is bright and sunny outside.
  • Mum pops into the supermarket again on the way home.
Mum then snuggled up with me at 8am for a couple of hours, then got up and showered and dressed at midday.  Although sunny, there was a cool underbite to the day, and although mum considered going for a walk, she decided to stay home and keep me company.  She did some washing and read her book, before bed called again, and us girls snuggled up for an afternoon nap.  Dinner was simple for me - I just had a feast, and she had some vege soup and a bagel.  

Mum is back on call tonight, so she off to fix her hair up to look presentable.  She doesn't put any makeup on to go into work, she will pop into bed with a tshirt and underwear on, and when she gets called in she just has to pop her jeans, a cardigan and shoes on, grab her keys and jacket and she is off.

I have enjoyed the snuggling together today, but am a bit tired myself.

Hope you have had  a good Caturday and done something fun.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Mum is feeling better after a few nights of forced bedtimes.  She finds now if she heads to bed at 11pm, she cannot read longer than a half hour, so her lights are usually out by 11.30pm.  As she didn't have to be up early this morning, she left the alarm off, and awoke at 8.30am , giving her a great sleep and a longer day to enjoy before she heads to work.

So mum got up and got the washing machine humming.  Although the sun was out earlier, by the afternoon the clouds are gathering and it is cooling down, but the towels and sheets are almost dry which is great.  I got to go out and explore the garden with mum and follow her around the house as I like to be close to where she is if she is home.

The curls have washed out of her hair and she looks back to normal again.  Which is good as mum is on call at the weekend, and doesn't have time to fuss about.  When the phone rings, it is clothes and shoes on, a quick brush of the hair and teeth brushed and grab the keys and head off to work.

Hope you have a lovely Friday everybody and have a better night than mum at work.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Mum had a steady day at work today, and was happy to leave just as the rain started.  She got home, shed her uniform and put her casual uniform on - jeans, ankle boots, long tshirt, wool cardi and scarf and then off to the hairdresser.  Luckily her salon is close, so she gets to have a wee break at home before her long appointment.  Mum told the hairdresser that she was not to use the scissors this time - just to hide the greys (say what?).  She listened much better than the last time mum went to her - lets just say that the stubble is still growing out.

After the colour was applied and then washed out, the apprentice was allowed to dry mums hair.  She was very serious and did a good job.  So good that mum looked very much like Lars - the 70s male model who takes his tanning seriously.  Mums hairdresser than came and gave mum some waves that would not have looked out of place on wonder woman.  Thank goodness mum only had a date with the couch after that, and can wash it out in the morning as it poured all the way home, and mum looks like a bit of a waif.

Sleep training is going well - mum is feeling a tad more rested, although she faces 3 nights of on call this weekend,  so having some sleep banked already may help her out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So Excited - Neil Finn

So mum just made it to bed last night at her 11pm curfew, cos she was busy trying to buy herself some tickets to see Neil Finn play.  Luckily most middle aged folks were tucked up in bed early so there wasn't a big rush.  Mum has been lucky and got to see Neil Finn a few times over the years..  The first time was 30 years ago, when mum was 16 and went with her friends to see the final Split Enz concert at the showgrounds, just down the road from where mum lives now.  She remembers her friends mother tasting the lemonade from the bottle they were taking in, to make sure they hadn't spiked it.  Instead the girls had poured whiskey into pill bottles, and sewn them into the hem of the grand dad overcoat they insisted on wearing. Last time mum drank whiskey.

Then about 10 years later mum got to see Crowded house in Hamilton with some friends their.  Just beautiful music when they were at the height of their powers.  A couple of years later, mum also saw them play at a music festival in London.  Summer evening in a park, with plenty of cider and festival kebabs, just the way to spend your twenties (minus the portaloos).

After Crowded house split up - Neil and his brother Tim Finn played together as the Finn brothers (as in the above video).   Mum bought some tickets for her and the besties to see them play here in the town hall.  She did attempt to return the tickets as it appeared that they weren't all sitting together, but the procrastinator in her made her not do it.  When the girls went to the concert, the person seating them said you are really going to love this.  Turns out the besties were in the front row just in front of these guys.  A very special night.

Now Neil Finn is back with strings.  Only one month to go til the concert, mum just has to find some besties who can stay out on a school night after their 8.30pm bedtimes.  Good luck mum.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Night One Done

So if you read last nights post, mum is trying to reset her sleeping clock and get some better sleep habits.  So last night was Night one - mum was intending to hit the bed by 11pm, and managed to slip between the sheets at 10:59 - so with just one minute to spare.  She read her book for a half hour and was off to sleep at a reasonable 11:30pm.  So success!!

Tomorrow she has to be up at an early 5am as she has the earliest start at work - so she has plans for tonight.  Dinner was a tasty Thai green curry made with chicken and rice for her and a feast for me.  Mum is eyeing up some kiwifruit for her supper.

Hope your week has started well!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Did you miss me my furriends?   Mum went to do the Caturday post and the puter decided to take a teenage nap and not wake up til Midday on Sunday.  Caturday we chilled at home - mum did some chores very slowly, read her book and took it easy peasy.  She also cleared out some of the wardrobe, and got a whole rubbish bag full to be thrown out, and another smaller bag for the charity shop.    She then went to meet some besties, and they had some drunken drinks and some tasty dinner.  Who knew that Chicken Schnitzel got served at gourmet diners?

The weather has been lovely, the sun was shining with some warmth in it, but there was still a winter chill in the air, and the temperature hovered around 10 deg.  Not time to pack away the merino jumpers and boots yet.  She went and met Miss Belle and took her to lunch, then a walk around the city.  Parsnips and carrots were 99c a kilo - so mash it is for dinner this week (for her and not for me).
A drop into the library for some new stock - mum seems to have a bit of reading mojo back.

So tonight mum is on her healthy sleep plan.  Her plan is :

  • Weeknights mum is going to be in bed by 11pm.  She can still read, but has to be in her bed.  Some nights she was getting to bed at midnight or 1am, and as she has to get up between 5-7am depending on her shift she was getting a bit sleep deprived.
  • Weekends mum is going to be in bed before 12:30am.  Sometimes a 2-3am bedtime was the norm.  
  • On call nights are difficult, but mum will not worry about them, as usual she will just get some sleep when she can.
So it is 9.50pm and mum  has got the jobs done and will switch the tele off soon and close the computer down.  Tonight is day one of her sleep plan, so we will tell you how it goes tomorrow.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.

Friday, September 4, 2015


TGIF - thank goodness mum says,  Today she had to count down the hours to get through the day.  Still, she is home now and her butt is relaxing on the couch.  The washing is out and drying, and the dinner was cooked and served and dishes are draining on the rack.  I have been fed, patted and combed - spring has made me shed like crazy.

Mum talked to a bestie tonight.  The girls were discussing bedtimes.  They had talked the week before about being determined to head to bed at a more set hour.  Mum was trying for 11pm.  She wasn't very successful ending up with having a nap most nights.  So tonight she has avoided the nap after she gets home from work, keeping herself busy and will try to head to bed soonish.  The weekend nights she has decided midnight is more reasonable for her.

Me - well I would be terrible if I got any less than 23 hours of beauty sleep.  A girl need to keep looking good and needs  her beauty sleep.

Hope you are all ready for the weekend and have some fun things planned.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blooming Good

Spring is beginning to be sprung, which is good.  A bit more light in the morning and the evenings and mum is able to get up and it not be chilly as she heads to the shower which makes her happy. Asparagus and strawberries are about to show themselves at the market - yumm.  Mum was motivated to make herself a tasty dinner of pork chops with potatoes with mustard and carrots and broccoli. Then a big pile of green grapes - all that fibre goodness.  Me I was happy with my feast.  

We had a quiet night.  Mums germs have gradually disappeared, not resulting in much more than a four day head cold, but exhausting never the less.  It has been a busy week for her at work,  so she is glad that it is Friday eve as she has a weekend off - yippee for her.  Getting home and taking her shoes off and putting her feet up is bliss, as mum spends most of the working day standing up and on her feet.  We know it is meant to be healthy but it does get hard as mum gets older. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September Spring

Hello September - the first day of spring here in Kiwiland.  Of course that meant it was grey and wet, usual spring weather, although we can see how things are blossoming and growing.  Our evenings are getting brighter and our days warmer and we will be glad to see summer roll round again.  Mums toes are getting itchy ready for sandals and to put the boots away.