Monday, September 14, 2015


Mum is tired, she felt like she was going to cry when she had to go to work today cos she was so exhausted, but it could have been the lady hormones making her emotional rather than sheer exhaustion. She is better now she has chowed down on her dinner and got to watch a bit of kiwi Masterchef and light some candles. Some washing was done and mum got to watch the Antiques Roadshow and some other shows, just chilling out.  Dinner was her usual parsnip/carrot/swede mash with some nice pork sausages, some peas and corn and gravy.  Tasty.  I enjoyed my feast too - double tasty.

Thanks for the concern about Mums niece.  We don't have any dangerous spiders (or snakes or other nasties) here in Kiwiland, and mum does think that the bite looked like a mozzie bite, although the doctor said she couldn't be too sure what bit her.  A two hour wait at the after hours GP was fine.  It was not urgent and we were a low priority.  This winter there has been a terrible virus going round, and there were lots of sick kids at the GP, they took first priority.  Miss said she is feeling better today, although the antibiotics have made her feel a bit yuck.

Hope your week has started well, and you are all get some time to relax on your Monday too.


  1. Ah! Pure Mum...Tell her to take it a bit easy Poppy!x
    No need to rush about...It's no good for her health!
    At least she's eating and managing to rest up a bid...
    (Goodness me...I sound like a doctor).

    Antiques Roadshow.....Wonder if that's the same one l
    watched last night...It was all about the Queen, and all
    the people who met and knew her over the years! Old
    photos, pictures from way back to when she was a child.
    Very interesting....!

    It's 10:20 now Poppy!x And, after a downpour of heavy
    rain....The suns out....Be like it all day, so the silly weather
    man says...What does he know....! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, your mum is right in suspecting that exhaustion can present as depression. Add some real worries and *poof* goes the battery that powers us middle-aged ladies through the days (and nights) we work. A good hot meal and a nice long nap are prescribed!

  3. It's tough to drag yourself out to work when you are tired, but I guess it needs to be done. At least your mum's work sounds rewarding.

  4. Hormones or not, your human has had a tough schedule, so I don't blame her for getting emotional! I get it - I had a six ring cat show over the weekend, and by the last ring I was getting a little grouchy! I'm glad that your human's niece is better.

  5. Try and get your mum to lie down and relax Poppy, then lay on her so she can't move.

  6. poppy food serviss gurl sayz if her had yur mumz schedule her wood cry two, frank lee we dunno how mum doez it; work in de day, werk at nite, mix it up, bee on call.......ree pete, haz one day off........cranbereez.....itz crazed ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Your poor mum! We do hope her work schedule calms down soon and you both enjoy a long and well deserved rest. We are happy to hear that your mum's niece is okay. Bad bug! From Jessica