Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So Excited - Neil Finn

So mum just made it to bed last night at her 11pm curfew, cos she was busy trying to buy herself some tickets to see Neil Finn play.  Luckily most middle aged folks were tucked up in bed early so there wasn't a big rush.  Mum has been lucky and got to see Neil Finn a few times over the years..  The first time was 30 years ago, when mum was 16 and went with her friends to see the final Split Enz concert at the showgrounds, just down the road from where mum lives now.  She remembers her friends mother tasting the lemonade from the bottle they were taking in, to make sure they hadn't spiked it.  Instead the girls had poured whiskey into pill bottles, and sewn them into the hem of the grand dad overcoat they insisted on wearing. Last time mum drank whiskey.

Then about 10 years later mum got to see Crowded house in Hamilton with some friends their.  Just beautiful music when they were at the height of their powers.  A couple of years later, mum also saw them play at a music festival in London.  Summer evening in a park, with plenty of cider and festival kebabs, just the way to spend your twenties (minus the portaloos).

After Crowded house split up - Neil and his brother Tim Finn played together as the Finn brothers (as in the above video).   Mum bought some tickets for her and the besties to see them play here in the town hall.  She did attempt to return the tickets as it appeared that they weren't all sitting together, but the procrastinator in her made her not do it.  When the girls went to the concert, the person seating them said you are really going to love this.  Turns out the besties were in the front row just in front of these guys.  A very special night.

Now Neil Finn is back with strings.  Only one month to go til the concert, mum just has to find some besties who can stay out on a school night after their 8.30pm bedtimes.  Good luck mum.


  1. I didn't know the Finn brothers played together after Crowded House. Boy, does that name bring back memories, and feelings. Ah, youth...

  2. poppy Q.....we laffed at de trix mum & her friends pulled .....de food serviss gurl says ree minds her oh de ...good ole dayz.......glad yur mum getted sum tickits for thiz show....we bet her haza awesum time, may bee her niece will go with her ~~ ♥♥♥

  3. I am sure she will find some furiends to hang out with that night. Front row! Way to go.

  4. Oooo, I was at that Split Enz concert too - I was 20 and went with a cousin who had recently moved to Wellington. I hope your Mum has a great time.