Sunday, September 13, 2015

Aunty Superpowers

Mums aunty superpowers were called upon today.  Miss Uni student texted to say she though she had a spider bite and think she needed a doctor, then there was a text from sister in law.  Luckily mum was up and showered and she met up with Miss and took her to the after hours.  Only a two hour wait to see the doctor, and Miss is all fixed up with antibiotics and rest for her leg.  Mum took her out to lunch and then headed home to take it easy.

Mums work wasn't too bad last night.  She got home at 4am and got some sleep this morning, but she will be glad when it comes 8am tomorrow morning, and the phone can finally be turned off.


  1. A two hour wait after a spider bite. That's not good. I'm glad she is ok. Rest when you can xx

  2. Well done Mum Poppy!x
    Spiders over here sometimes bite, though it's
    very rare...though we do get some from the
    tropics, that appear in with the bananas in
    I don't mind them, even have them round the house.
    And, my Virginia Creeper, outside is covered with them.
    I feed them as well...!

  3. Great job! As the human kids say around these parts (or something), your human has mad skillz.

  4. Are (some of) your spiders poisonous? Because that sounds scary! We're glad your mum's niece is okay now. Two hours to wait is pretty good, actually. Here she'd have waited many hours more, most likely.

    Your mum needs to don her cape and tights next time, Poppy! :-)

  5. Great job by your mum Poppy. I hope niece is okay.

  6. Thank goodness your mum bean was there for her niece. We is sure the young miss appawciated her help.

    Hope you and mum bean get some good rest tonight.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. My mum doesn't know how your mum can do the crazy shifts and on call. Mum would be deaded with that kind of schedule.

  8. Awesome job by your Mum, Poppy! We are so glad her niece will be okay.