Sunday, September 6, 2015


Did you miss me my furriends?   Mum went to do the Caturday post and the puter decided to take a teenage nap and not wake up til Midday on Sunday.  Caturday we chilled at home - mum did some chores very slowly, read her book and took it easy peasy.  She also cleared out some of the wardrobe, and got a whole rubbish bag full to be thrown out, and another smaller bag for the charity shop.    She then went to meet some besties, and they had some drunken drinks and some tasty dinner.  Who knew that Chicken Schnitzel got served at gourmet diners?

The weather has been lovely, the sun was shining with some warmth in it, but there was still a winter chill in the air, and the temperature hovered around 10 deg.  Not time to pack away the merino jumpers and boots yet.  She went and met Miss Belle and took her to lunch, then a walk around the city.  Parsnips and carrots were 99c a kilo - so mash it is for dinner this week (for her and not for me).
A drop into the library for some new stock - mum seems to have a bit of reading mojo back.

So tonight mum is on her healthy sleep plan.  Her plan is :

  • Weeknights mum is going to be in bed by 11pm.  She can still read, but has to be in her bed.  Some nights she was getting to bed at midnight or 1am, and as she has to get up between 5-7am depending on her shift she was getting a bit sleep deprived.
  • Weekends mum is going to be in bed before 12:30am.  Sometimes a 2-3am bedtime was the norm.  
  • On call nights are difficult, but mum will not worry about them, as usual she will just get some sleep when she can.
So it is 9.50pm and mum  has got the jobs done and will switch the tele off soon and close the computer down.  Tonight is day one of her sleep plan, so we will tell you how it goes tomorrow.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.


  1. Is Mum going to stick to her plan Poppy!x
    It all seems a bit complicated...Well..You keep an eye out
    for her, and make sure she does...HeHe! What fun!

    The suns out over here to, l had breakfast out on the patio,
    with my visitor..Flossy! She loves her milky~milky! :).

    Oh! Tell Mum...No need to go to the library for stock........
    She can still buy it at the supermarket...! Chicken, beef etc..! :>).

  2. Yes, I missed you!
    My day is not the same without a visit to Chez Q.

  3. We missed you too Poppy! Darn puters, sometimes they has a mind of their own.

    We hopes the mom bean sleep plan works 'cuz that should mean some extra snuggling time for you. :)

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Your human definitely needs to get more sleep! Mine goes to bed around 2, but she gets up at 9 so she still gets enough rest. If she had to get up as early as your human, she would be getting to bed a whole lot earlier!

  5. Drunken drinks sounds good Poppy. We are forecast to drop to 1 - 2 C tonight with a chance of frost! It's too cold for the beginning of September!

  6. Mum has been taking it easy all weekend, plus Monday is a hollyday for us. She has gotten 8 hours of sleep for two nights in a row!. That is very unusual for her. She is feeling super! Didn't even need a nap!