Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Cinema

The sleep experiment is going quite well for the mumster.  She went to sleep round midnight last night and even though sumbuddy furry woke her up at 6am, 6.30am, 7am and 7.30am she finally chose to arise just after 8am.  Shower and breakfast were done earlier than usual on a Sunday, so mum took herself off to the cinema to see Everest.  A story familiar to most New Zealanders, it is the story about the fatal summit of Mt Everest in 1996, by a team led by Kiwi climber Rob Hall.  Due to a collection of poor decisions and bad weather 8 climbers died.  It certainly bought a tear to this middle aged ladies eye and she did enjoy it.

The weather here in the city was a reminder that winter has still got a wee bit in its tail, sending us some chilly wet and windy business.  So after mum got some groceries she headed home to warm up the heaters and read her book.

Dinner for me was a feast and for her some rice and butter chicken and vegetables.  Last week she was tossing and turning at night, too hot with the quilts on, and tonight everything has been layered back onto the bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday and got some relaxing done.


  1. mmmmM! Everest! Don't know about that Poppy!x
    Not to keen on heights! :).

    Oh! Made a bit of a mistake yesterday...Although the
    Kiwi are playing on Thurs. There first game is to~day.
    K.O. at 4:45. I shall miss it, l've got 10 up for a burfday
    dinner...! So, we will be eating..drinking..and making
    Mary....oooops! Sorry! Merry! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, your mummy is a brave woman to watch Everest when it's still pile-on-the-quilts weather! Some of us would be dreaming about freezing in a tent, then being nudged by the abdominable snowcat...

  3. I bet you, Miss Poppy =^~^=
    Me woke mom up 5 am. sharp ! tee..heh...well, it's our gotcha day ! Me want Sunday special :)
    I got prawns and then my parents just disappeared for ages, they just arrived home @ 8 pm.... Me is waiting in da dog house for a long long time and I got late dinner for my gotcha day ! Can you believe that ???...very me is so tired....must go to bed and do zzzZZZZZ

  4. It is getting colder here so I sleep between my mum and dad every night. I wake mum up at 4.30 by standing on her and purring and headbutting her. She pretends to be asleep so I lie on her head and then she talks to me.

  5. That sounds like a good movie. We hope the warm weather comes back, Poppy. Still warm and summery here. From Jessica

  6. Mum likes to sleep with the windows open, so now that it gets cooler at night she needs her blankie to keep her warm. Plus me too.

  7. Our Mom is going to see Everest on Thursday on an IMAX screen in 3D! It's going to be kind of hot that day so the movie will help to keep her cool.