Monday, September 28, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Monday

The middle aged mumster hauled her body out of bed at 9am this morning.  She was glad of the sleep in, she needed to catch up on her zzzzzs.  I caught some morning sunbeams while she ate her morning bagel.  Some loads of washing were done and put on the line, although mum was dubious that they would dry as there were large clouds gathering.

After trying on several outfits, her usual tshirt, cardi, jeans and a scarf were picked and mum was off.   She headed into town, and did a quick visit to a couple of lady shops and then she went to the movies to see Walking the Camino, a documentary about walking the 800km Camono de Santiago in Spain.  Mum enjoyed it, and it did give her a bit of wanderlust, but she knows that she is unlikely to head that further afield.  Oh and the not shampooing your hair for a month, the blisters and the sleeping next to so many snoring/farting strangers might not be her.

Mum then went for a bit more of a walk and visited on of her favorite places, the library where she found the book she wanted - score!!!  Then she sat in the sun for a while and waited for her lovely niece.  They went for a little walk and mum and her shared a drink and bowl of fries together and caught up on what has happened in their lives lately.

The mumster then thought she should walk the hill home.  Heck if those people could walk 800km she could walk up the hill home (she does it all the time, but it is a bit of a climb).  Home and the washing was dry, so mum bought it in and got me my feast.  She had a quick dinner and now time to watch the Masterchef kiwi final.  One of mums colleagues son is in the final two - how exciting!!  HE JUST WON !!!!  Good on you Tim!!!!

So mum enjoyed her day off - but back to work tomorrow.  Now it is the time to head to bed early as mum has a 7am start at work, which is early for her and she is tired.  She has a good book to read - so time for us to snuggle.


  1. HeHe! Had to look twice Poppy!x To see if you
    were there...You camouflage very well on that carpet! :).

    Pleased to read, Mum had a lovely day. And, she did things
    to make her happy! And, the best part, having a snuggle with
    you! Bless!x

  2. WOW! Concats to your mum's colleague winning the Masterchef kiwi final! Maybe she can convince her colleague to have him come over and cook your mum a delicious dinner. Love your curly tail, Poppy!

  3. Ah, it's good when a day off is enjoyed. And if your mum is going to Spain, it is indeed good to start with a hill or two closer to home.

  4. No I just saw the winner was going to watch it today while I did the ironing. Bet your friend is thrilled for her lad.

  5. poppy Q...glad mum hada grate week oh end N getted two due sum fun stuff N stuff her likes doin ~~~~ hope her did rememburr tho a long de way.... two give ewe an extree biscuit ore 17 !!! ♥♥♥

  6. I am glad your mum had a good day Poppy. My mum went to Santiago 2 year ago and it poured with rain, but the pilgrims were still coming in after their long trek.

  7. Mum saw that movie too! It was playing in the theatre around the corner from our house and was so popular it was brought back for another run. Mum agrees that the walk would be lovely but not the hostel sleeping arrangements. From Jessica

  8. Always nice to have a day off to chill, catch up and just do what you want.