Thursday, September 17, 2015

Float Away

Image source:  Star Advertiser

Mum rang the family tonight to check they were ok and put all the valuables up high, and maybe they would be ready to head for the hills tonight, just in case they float away.  After todays earthquake in Chile, some waves might be heading our way.   Luckily where we live shouldn't be affected, and Eastern coastal regions might expect some waves tonight.  Mum always worries - she has watched too many scary videos of Tsunamis on Youtube.

Mum is back on call tonight - then she gets to have the weekend off and relax.  She is ready for some relaxing and fun - me too!!


  1. Oh! poppy!x Hope it keeps away from where you
    live...You certainly don't want all that water anyway
    near you!
    Just 'wave' it away....! :).

  2. We hope you are all okay. Stay away from the beach! We read that any waves would come to NZ around midnight on Friday local time. So keep your pawsies dry. There is no tsunami alert for Australia.

  3. We heard about the earthquake in Chile this morning. We sure hope that any tsunami warnings will be cancelled, Poppy. Purrs.

  4. Here's hoping all waves are small and all damage minimal.

  5. Paws crossed that the surge isn't too bad by the time it reaches your east coast!

  6. poppy Q....we send purrayers that mumz familee iz safe & they stay sew...enjoy yur week oh end chillaxin with mum, glad her final lee haz sum time ta due.......what ever her wants !!!


  7. Hope the surge of the ocean dissipates before it reaches you. Keeping N.Z. In our prayers.

  8. WE heard about that BIG earthquake o
    We purr you and all your family is OK.
    WE purr everyone is OK.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. That earthquake in Chile was so big. We are purring and praying for all of those who are affected, and have our fingers and paws crossed that the surge won't reach you, Poppy.